Sulfurcell: CIS thin-film solar modules for U.S. market

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Sulfurcell, a top manufacturer of copper-indium-sulfide (CIS) and CIGSe-based thin-film solar modules in the world, has commenced its U.S. operatio...

Sulfurcell, a top manufacturer of copper-indium-sulfide (CIS) and CIGSe-based thin-film solar modules in the world, has commenced its U.S. operations. The full line of the Sulfurcell’s highly-aesthetic, German-built CIS thin-film modules are now available for rooftop and building-integrated applications throughout the U.S.
Sulfurcell is based in Berlin and is financed partially by Intel Capital. The Company has plans for the development of a wide network of system integrators and installers within North America in the following months.

“We’re confident Sulfurcell’s industry-leading thin-film modules will enjoy broad adoption in the American market,” stated Nikolaus Meyer, CEO of Sulfurcell. “Sulfurcell’s thin-film modules combine black-tile aesthetics and high performance within a wide range of temperatures making them ideal for building integrated, residential and commercial rooftop applications.”

The CIS thin-film solar power modules have a smooth, black exterior and are compact. The modules are a popular selection among architects and property owners due to the attractiveness of the color, size and quality. The modules gain high yields in hot locations due to the excellent temperature co-efficient.

The thin-film modules by Sulfurcell were originally available to the European market in 2005. The modules are said to exceed standards and are IEC-certified. The modules maintain their performance for longer than 2,000 hours at the standard 85 degrees C and 85 percent humidity. The production process allows for substantially thinner PV modules, requiring only half the energy used for manufacturing traditional solar modules.



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