Wind energy at The Westin & Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain

The Westin & Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain installation will help generate renewable energy for the hotel complex’s public spaces

The Westin & Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain has announced the completion of installation of wind turbines, a first for Bahrain’s hospitality industry.

Renewable energy for Bahrain’s hospitality industry

In a statement the two hotels, which are a part of the Marriott International chain, said that a total of 20 wind turbines have been installed, with each turbine generating 3kW of electricity for a total of 60kW. In addition, 96 electric solar panels have been installed, the statement added.

Wind power to light up hotels

Sammy Gani, Complex General Manager for The Westin City Centre Bahrain and Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain, said that the wind turbines will generate enough electricity to run the lighting in the public areas of the hotel – thus reducing the hotel complex’s carbon footprint.

Zakour Moussa, Complex Chief Engineer for The Westin City Centre Bahrain and Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain added: “Electricity generated from these turbines is enough to light up all public areas at The Westin & Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain. 

“As of August 2022, we generated 19,367.00 KW kWh at The Westin City Centre Bahrain, saving generating carbon of 13,450.00 KG. while Le Meridien City Centre Bahrain generated 21,318.00 KW and saved generating carbon of 15,136.00 KG. To put this in perspective, the electricity generated can run a car for 11,7856 km and save 478 trees,” he continued.

Gani added that the initiative is part of parent company Marriot’s sustainability and social impact goals, which include commitments to sustainable operations and creating a positive impact across its hotels.


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