SolarCity to Sell Solar EV Charging Stations

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SolarCity has made headlines for its unique business model, offering affordable distributed solar energy installation and support services for homes an...

SolarCity has made headlines for its unique business model, offering affordable distributed solar energy installation and support services for homes and business.  Now, the company is tapping a young new market: electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.  The company will offer both home and commercial solar-powered EV chargers, promising lower costs than buying from the grid.  The chargers will be compatible with any electric vehicle currently on the market.

SolarCity has partnered with EV charger manufacturer ClipperCreek, who provides the standardized SAE-J1772 charge cable.

SolarCity will offer installation of a 240-volt Level II charger.  The charger is capable of fully charging an EV battery in roughly four hours.  The cost of the system will start at $1,500 for homes and businesses.


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So how much money can one expect to save by using a solar EV charger versus buying electricity from the grid?  According to SolarCity, EV drivers in San Francisco pay an average of $107 per month to charge off the power grid.  By comparison, EV drivers leasing a solar charger from SolarCity can expect to pay $54 per month on average. 

SolarCity will offer the solar charging stations as either an add-on to existing solar panels, or complete with the system’s own solar array.  SolarCity’s entry into the EV charging market is a smart move considering the company’s business model.  With its distributed solar systems spanning several cities and adorning thousands of square feet of rooftops, SolarCity is ideally positioned to offer charging solutions to the coming electric vehicle renaissance.  Also, considering that the majority of grid electricity in the U.S. is still derived from coal power, solar powered EV charging is a much more environmentally friendly alternative, which one would assume is a major attraction for EV buyers. 


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