China's Qinghai province runs on renewables for 216 hours

By Sophie Chapman
Qinghai province has reached a milestone for renewable energy in China by running on renewable for a full 216-hour period.

Qinghai province has reached a milestone for renewable energy in China by running on renewable for a full 216-hour period.

The province, in northwest China, was powered entirely by wind, solar and hydropower for nine days at the end of June, according to Goldwind.

The milestone has been put down to a new platform based on IoT, known as the ‘Qinghai New Energy Big Data Innovation Platform’ which has been developed by a number of organisations including State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company, Goldwind, the Innovation Centre for Industrial Big Data and Tsinghua University.

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The tool is able to monitor renewable energy source sand according to Goldwind has been able so make savings in labour costs and improve efficiency.

The platform works across over 40 generators and is able to gather 60GB of new data each day for analysis, which has enabled the June milestone to be measured. Six unmanned power stations on the platform were used at the end of June to provide clean energy across the province.

Goldwind invests in research and development in the renewable energy space, as well as providing equipment for wind farms, photovoltaics and energy storage. The company operates across the segments of offshore wind power, smart wind farms, smart energy, asset management and financial services.



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