Top five wind turbine manufacturers of 2017

By Sophie Chapman
FTI Intelligence, a branch of FTI Consulting, has released its report, Global Wind Market Update – Demand & Supply 2017, featuring the...

FTI Intelligence, a branch of FTI Consulting, has released its report, Global Wind Market Update – Demand & Supply 2017, featuring the top five wind turbine manufacturers in the world. The company has ranked each manufacturer based on aspects such as installation and diversification.

  1. Vestas - Vestas has been awarded the top title for a second year in a row. Recently, the Danish company introduced the world’s most powerful turbine through its subsidiary, MHI Vestas – the V164-9.5 MW. The subsidiary also signed a contract to use America’s largest turbine rig.

  2. Siemens Gamesa - The Spanish firm has moved up two spots in the ranking following a successful year, with Siemens and Gamesa respectively placing fourth and sixth. The company’s Hull factory was visited by the Queen of England in 2017, and the firm is currently working on the largest offshore wind farm in the world, located in Dogger Bank.

  3. Goldwind - Goldwind are a Chinese turbine manufacturer located in Beijing. The firm has maintained in spot in third place for the second year in a row. The company runs a successful subsidiary in the US, titled Goldwind Americas, and headquartered in Chicago. The company’s shares in China feel by 15% last year.

  4. GE - The American company, General Electric, has fallen from second position to fourth, following Vestas dominating supplies in its home market.

  5. Enercon - German-based Enercon holds its fifth rank as it benefited the success of its nation’s strong domestic market, as it installed 6.5GW of new capacity which accounted for 42% of the EU’s installed wind in 2017.


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