Sharper CORE Living Digital Twin tackles climate threats

Sharper Shape's new software platform is in response to heightened challenges climate change brings to utilities

Sharper Shape has announced the new iteration of its utility digital twin technology, the Sharper CORE Living Digital Twin.

It incorporates a new, fourth dimension of time to what has traditionally been a 3D industry model, creating a Living Digital Twin (LDT), that specifically answers utility needs in terms of safety, efficiency accuracy and cost saving.

Integrating aerial and ground data with third-party data from sources such as weather satellites into a single AI and ML-driven software platform, the living model is continuously updated, so everyone can know everything, anytime and since it is cloud based, remotely from anywhere.

This continuous change detection allows remote inspectors to monitor evolving network risks, highlight qualitative differences and identify statistical patterns, while analysing and prioritising them in accordance with infrastructure-related needs and local regulatory requirements. It supports utilities with up to date and predictive intelligence to streamline operations and maintenance to reduce unnecessary costs, while improving the resiliency and consistency of power supply.

Sharper Shape has developed this software platform in response to the heightened challenges climate change is bringing to utilities. As extreme weather events, such as wildfires, become more frequent and power supply consistency more worrisome, utilities need to adapt existing strategies to manage assets in a way today’s environment demands. In light of this,

The company has also shared its findings on powerline inspection in a warmer world in its latest industry report, discussing what utilities should expect – and how best to prepare to ensure operational efficiency while importantly, protecting the communities they serve.

CEO Chris Beaufait said as global warming continues to threaten society, we all need to make better decisions.

“Last year, we saw the wildfire season extend from a seasonal, to a year-round issue. With this likely to be the new normal, utilities’ preventative maintenance, vegetation management and emergency response plans simply have to level up – and the real-time factor in digital twin technology will make a significant difference here,” he said.

Launched in 2018, Sharper CORE addresses the known issues of asset integrity, maintenance and vegetation management in a single software solution, but this latest advancement sees it move far beyond 3D modelling, adding the element of time, to provide better insights and decision making.

The global Digital Twin market size is projected to reach US$5545.2mn by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 15.9% during 2022-2028, according to Valuates Reports.


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