Top 10 Energy Newsletters

Energy Digital magazine looks at the Top 10 Energy Newsletters bringing the latest industry headlines and content straight to your inbox

With access to an abundance of information, where do readers go for the latest energy industry news? For the regular headline news relating to energy storage, sustainability, renewable energy, check out the Top 10 Energy Newsletters—available now for free! 

1. Energy Digital Magazine 

Energy Digital Magazine is the ‘Digital Community’ for the oil & gas, utilities and renewable energy industry. The Energy Digital newsletter covers the latest headlines in Energy 4.0, Global Energy investments, innovation, automation & AI, smart technologies and sustainability - connecting the world’s largest community of renewable energy executives. 

To sign up for the newsletter or to browse the latest energy insights, go to the Energy Digital website.

2. Energy Live News

Sign up for the Energy Live New newsletter on its dedicated platform for energy insights. The newsletter sports the latest initiatives in renewable energy adoption, technology developments to support energy projects and updates on energy policy changes.

3. Recharge News

Recharge News provides ‘Global news and intelligence for the Energy Transition’. Primarily focused on renewable energy transition, it also covers news relating to traditional energy methods—onshore and offshore, energy policies, and technological developments in the industry—also providing the latest headlines in its regular newsletter.

4. Financial Times | Energy Source

With a breadth of newsletter titles to choose from, get the latest in energy news from one of the leading news outlets. The Financials Times’ Energy Source newsletter provides a constant of insightful information from renewable energy sources to sustainable implementation practices.

5. Reuters

Reuters, one of the world’s largest media news providers, has a global reach that informs billions of readers. Along with other news trends, it covers the various day-to-day energy and sustainability events. As a world-renowned provider of news content, it is well worth subscribing to The Wider Image newsletter for headline energy content.

6. Renewable Energy World

With a free newsletter subscription, Renewable Energy World prides itself on being a leading publisher of renewable energy news and information on forms, such as solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy and bioenergy, as well as the relevant technology like digital systems and electricity storage.

7. CleanTechnica 

CleanTechnica is one of the main dedicated news websites—in the US—for clean technology commentary and insights. With multiple pieces of content published daily, CleanTechnica provides a constant flow of information on renewable energy technology, clean energy initiatives, and many more areas of sustainability. CleanTechnica produces four newsletters, which are centred around daily, weekly, solar and electric vehicle content.

8. GreenBiz

Headquartered in Oakland, California, GreenBiz covers exciting stories about climate change, energy efficiency, net-zero emissions, climate technology, circular economy, and ESG issues. Its well-designed news platform provides business insights, as well as an array of newsletter subscriptions, including Energy Weekly, GreenBuzz, Verge Weekly, GreenFin Weekly.

9. The Guardian 

The Guardian Media Group, is one of the primary sources of global news for the British population, with an international scope. The news outlet prides itself on its independent ownership, for continuous news updates that are free from political influence. As one of the leading UK news outlets, it is well worth subscribing to the Guardian email updates for the latest energy sector activities.

10. Energy Manager Today 

‘Energy Manager Today is a daily newsletter whose goal is to keep corporate executives fully informed about energy management news’. The publication executive-style content, which covers the main developments in energy and environmental sectors, including news stories, videos, and even job listings.


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