Apr 09, 2021

Top 10 Net Zero Behavioural Changes

Dominic Ellis
3 min
Top 10 Net Zero Behavioural Changes
Energy Research Partnership outlines key behavioural changes needed in the pursuit of net zero emissions...

First the good news. The energy sector has reduced its energy emissions by 63% since 1990, primarily through the reduction in coal and increase in renewables.

But of the 25 critical actions for reducing emissions recommended by the Climate Change Committee for 2018-19, only one was delievered in full. The next steps towards Net Zero will require pubic engagement and significant changes in behaviour, according to Energy Research Partnership's How Behaviour Change Will Unlock Net Zero report. 

In conclusion, it notes there is "great potential" for better use of data, digital tools and smart technologies for reducing barriers and accelerating system change - be it in smart tariffs and low carbon heating, better collection of food carbon data and personalised feedback on shopping habits.

Here are its 10 key recommendations.

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