Top 10 Sustainable Innovations In The Energy Industry

We take a look at ten innovations making the Energy Industry more sustainable

Fossil fuels are becoming increasingly damaging to the environment and atmosphere. Renewable sources of energy are on the rise. So here are 10 new sustainable innovations within the energy industry.  

10. Solar Powered Trains


Solar powered train created and designed by Byron Bay is run completely off renewable energy. The train travels 3 kilometres, and seats 100 passengers. This technology is thought to be useful within cities that have tram systems, especially as in a lot of countries transport is responsible for producing some of the most greenhouse emissions.

9. Artificial Photosynthesis


Artificial Photosynthesis is the process of capturing and storing the energy from the sunlight. Scientists are also researching how water can be converted into hydrogen and oxygen which could decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

8. Waste powered planes


Planes are usually powered by fossil fuels which we have a limited supply of, and have a negative impact on the environment. These waste powered planes are powered through fuels made from waste such as wood and home waste which is reacted with catalytic chemicals.

7. Tidal Energy


Tidal energy, similar to solar, is a consistent source of energy. Previously scientists have struggled to utilize this because of the location, it is hard to transport energy from the ocean to land. Now tidal energy can be a direct source of energy; it could power up to 20% of the UK.

6. Solar Roof Tiles


Solar panels are usually seen on top of house roofs. This innovation uses the same concept but instead of putting panels on the roof the tiles themselves self are solar panels. Not only does this allow for more solar energy because of the increased surface area, but also eliminates the need for traditional tiles.

5. Carbon Nanotube Electricity


Carbon nanotubes are carbon atoms rolled up into singular sheet molecules. These can generate electricity and could be used in smaller electrical appliances instead of other energy sources.

4. 3D Printed Solar Energy Trees.


3D printed solar energy trees are wood based stems with solar panel leaves. These were created to replace using wood for energy and instead using sunlight, as most countries still burn wood. These have been designed to look like trees so they can sit within gardens and natural environments. Solar energy trees are also capable of harvesting heat energy.

3. Liquid Sunlight


Liquid sunlight is through solar power that is turned into a fuel source. Scientists have been trying to use this liquid as a sustainable source of energy, it can be used within artificial photosynthesis.

2. Electric Tires


Electric tires are a new concept Goodyear are working on, these would charge while in use. They would be powered by the friction heat of the tires on the road. These tires could also possibly still charge when they aren't moving. 

1. Lithium-glass Batteries


These batteries unlike the traditional have an extremely long lifespan. They have twice the energy density than a normal battery and their capacity grows with age. The batteries charge quicker than any other type, cost less and operate at lower temperatures.


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