Erin Brockovich’s Work Isn’t Done with PG&E

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It was a tale where the underdog prevailed, but unlike its Hollywood ending, Hinkely, California is still not done suffering from PG&Es mistakes...

It was a tale where the underdog prevailed, but unlike its Hollywood ending, Hinkely, California is still not done suffering from PG&E’s mistakes. A decade ago, Pacific Gas & Electric was ordered to pay 660 Hinkley residents $333 million to settle a lawsuit regarding the chromium laced water supply that was giving residents intestinal tumors, breast cancer and more. While the highly publicized and award winning film captured the drama behind the 1997 lawsuit, for Hinkley residents the fight still isn’t over. The chromium tainted cooling water is present and more of a threat now, than ever.

In the 1950s and 1960s, PG&E improperly discharged the chromium, which eventually seeped into the neighboring water supplies. As of November 10, the shallow ground where chromium was discovered a little over a decade ago has yet to be eliminated. Since, the Water Board has asked for additional research in the area following a series of initiatives to clean the area’s drinking supply.

According to a press release, the Water Broad plans to “amend the Cleanup and Abatement Order” next month to improve further involvement in the program. A month ago, PG&E was order to further investigate the lower aquifer contamination, which they did. However, the fight isn’t over.

The Water Board plans to continue persecuting PG&E through the May 2011 Board meeting, where additional repercussions will occur for this company. No news has been reported on PG&E's website regarding this ongoing case, nor has Erin Brockovich stepped up to the plate to help out her friends. Processes will continue to keep Hinkley's neighborhood up in arms, as more residents feel the affects of this chromium infused water. 

Source: Water Board



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