IPL selects Landis+Gyr for smart grid and IoT network

By William Girling
Energy management solutions provider Landis+Gyr has announced its partnership with IPL to develop new smart grid and IoT network capabilities. IPL (Ind...

Energy management solutions provider Landis+Gyr has announced its partnership with IPL to develop new smart grid and IoT network capabilities.

IPL (Indianapolis Power & Light Co.) has been developing smart energy since 2001, aiming to provide its customers with a faster, better and more efficient mode of operation. 

Part of a national movement to increase the adoption of smart tech in the energy sector, the company has received US$20mn of investment from the US Department of Energy Smart Grid Investment Fund, a project involving advanced metering equipment, digital management tools, EV support and more.

Expanding the network

Included as part of Landis+Gyr (L+G) contract are 350,000 additional smart meters and upgraded network infrastructure. In addition, IPL will continue using L+G’s data management system and operating software. 

IPL’s plan is to simultaneously deploy the Gridstream Connect network to support pre-existing metering equipment whilst also leveraging L+G’s newer innovations, such as its Revelo Meters

This will allow IPL to gather end-to-end data via IoT devices streaming information to an integrated data source, thus allowing it to be analysed for optimisation. Furthermore, the company can explore the further integration of renewable energy to the grid.  


“Our relationship with IPL goes back over 20 years and includes providing managed services for AMI, load management and support for consumer engagement in energy efficiency programs,” explained Eric Seiter, VP at L+G. 

“This new deployment will build on that foundation and help IPL leverage the latest IoT technology for utility applications in the future.”

Customer-centric developments

Joe Bentley, Snr VP at IPL, emphasised that its new agreement with L+G and the technological advancements therein are strongly rooted in the company’s customer-centric outlook.

“We strive to keep our customers better informed and provide a higher degree of reliability. This expanded relationship with Landis+Gyr allows enhanced meter capabilities to identify, respond and communicate outage information better than ever and expand our technology capabilities to better manage the next wave of energy challenges.”

“This contract builds on the work we started in 2013 to expand AMI in our service territory and brings with it the potential for new customer engagement services.”

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