Itron: innovating cities and utilities with DERMS

By William Girling
American tech company Itron, a leading innovator in smart cities and utilities, has announced the OpenADR certification of its DERMS. The company’s I...

American tech company Itron, a leading innovator in smart cities and utilities, has announced the OpenADR certification of its DERMS.

The company’s IntelliSOURCE-DERMS (distributed energy resource management system) solution is capable of automating the end-to-end processes of demand response and energy efficiency programmes.

Envisaged as a product which will allow utility companies to maximise their potential and provide a single operational viewpoint across diverse assets, the DERMS can manage solar power, EVs (electric vehicles), heaters, thermostats, energy storage units and more.

Itron’s system can also stabilise grids, maintain power quality and optimise the client experience. In addition, the company is also helping cities to leverage more DER (distributed energy resource) assets to maintain a higher quality supply of energy.

Encouraging tech innovation

Receiving OpenADR certification strongly demonstrates Itron’s ethos of engaging service providers and enabling stakeholders to participate in the digital utility (smart utility) revolution. 

Following a five-point certification process, OpenADR awards only those companies which can pass a technical specification examination followed by rigorous paperwork. 


Itron’s certified DERMS has met the required standard by helping providers to mitigate risk, reduce costs and encourage investment in new smart technology to monitor critical light, heat and water utilities. 

Don Reeves, Snr VP at Itron, said, “As a member of the OpenADR Alliance, we are proud to join more than 60 utilities and controls vendors enabling OpenADR-based systems.

“We are committed to creating open standards solutions for Distributed Energy Management to encourage technological innovation and widespread customer participation in these programs.”

The benefits of connected energy

As digital transformation continues to pervade the energy sector as a key trend, the rise of smart cities is likely to accelerate as utility companies begin investing in connected energy technology.

Rolf Bienert, managing and technical director of OpenADR Alliance, believes that his organisation and Itron can play a key role in facilitating a smarter energy future.

“Connecting smart energy to the grid, OpenADR offers an open, highly-secure and two-way information exchange model and global Smart Grid Standard,” he stated.

“By complying with the OpenADR Smart Grid Standard, Itron’s IntelliSOURCE platform will enable utilities to make DR a more reliable, cost-effective resource to meet the growing demand for energy.”

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