Radix augments CEMIG with AI technology

By William Girling
Brazillian engineering and software company Radix is driving efficiency for electricity prov...

Brazillian engineering and software company Radix is driving efficiency for electricity provider CEMIG with its new AI solutions.

Dubbed the ‘R&D 0650’ project, Radix’s objective is to implement omnichannel, AI and Big Data technologies to streamline CEMIG’s customer service capabilities with chatbots, whilst simultaneously lowering costs and allowing human staff to focus on qualitative tasks.

The company is one of the primary utility companies in Brazil, supplying over 12mn customers with power via its 83 power plants (total capacity 5.5 GW).

Optimising the energy industry

Discussing the project, Adonis Carvalho, Project Manager, explained that Radix was committed to helping CEMIG achieve a new, innovative and effective way of operating in the digital era.

“Proactivity, autonomy, and integration of communication channels is the focus of this project,” he said.

“Additionally, we are working on an innovative platform able to integrate from the front-end of applications used by customers, to the back-end of systems that store the information necessary to perform the required tasks.”


Envisaged as a two-year implementation period, R&D 650 should also save time and money by leading to further standardisation and consistency of service.

“The proposed solution is to have a data entry interface, and based on what was entered and the user profile, it will direct the interaction to an appropriate person or system for processing. 

“In this way we will provide CEMIG’s customers with personalized and agile customer experience,” commented Carvalho.

Adopting renewable energy

In addition to forward-thinking tech, CEMIG has expressed interest in diversifying its power generation portfolio with a series of investments within renewable energy.

Last year, the company secured almost 200 MW of capacity for solar and wind projects. The developments are expected to be completed to operational standards by 2023. 

This is the continuation of a longstanding interest for CEMIG, which had, in 2018, contracted 581 MW of renewable energy.


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