May 17, 2020

Top Oil and Gas Logistics Companies Worldwide

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Oil and Gas Logistics

Transporting, storing and delivering products for the oil and gas industry require highly-skilled teams of professionals. Here is a look at the worl...

Transporting, storing and delivering products for the oil and gas industry require highly-skilled teams of professionals. Here is a look at the world’s top logistics companies, which service the industry by ensuring safety and security in order for oil and gas to efficiently and cost-effectively reach the end user.

ASCO is a major oil and gas logistics supplier with operations in the UK, Norway, Holland, the U.S, Canada, Trinidad, Singapore and the Caspian. The Company has been in the oil and gas logistics business for over four decades and supports some of the leading operators and service companies in the world. ASCO has more customers, in more locations, than any other provider in the world. “The DNA of this company is all about oil and gas logistics and that’s why we’re so good at what we do,” explains CEO Billy Allen.

ASCO has 1,500 highly-skilled employees worldwide, on staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is imperative that its employees are capable of managing dangerous conditions in this industry. Allen says, “If you look at the range of the people we have and the skills that we offer, we can tap into a fantastic pool of talent within ASCO to tailor solutions for our clients’ needs, that experience is unparalleled within our industry.”

BDP International
With an extensive client list of some of the world’s leading energy and petrochemical companies, including: Exxon, Mobil, Shell, DuPont, INVISTA, Quinn Chemicals and The Dow Chemical Company—BDP is a leading global logistics supplier. BDP International consists of a global network of wholly-owned operations, as well as joint ventures and affiliates, including BDP Project Logistics and BPD Oil and Gas Logistics. The Company, which has over four decades of experience, is a major player in the transportation and logistics industry in over 120 countries.
At the end of 2009, BDP Project Logistics opened a subsidiary company, BPD Oil and Gas Logistics Pte Ltd Incorporated in its Singapore office. Both BDP Project Logistics and parent company BDP International are highly regarded as leaders within the energy, chemical and petrochemical logistics sector. BDP supplies oil and gas companies with complete service solutions.

“Our ability to offer turnkey logistics solutions—from supply chain management of rig and FPSO new building and conversions through to the transportation of heavy-lift structures supported by our in-house transport engineering division and finally logistics support for offshore and onshore assets in operation, is what gives BDP Oil and Gas Logistics an edge over its competitors," says Martin Runshaug, commercial director of BDP Oil and Gas Logistics. "As a private family-owned company, BDP remains flexible in its management approach and agile in its decision making, enabling us to swiftly adjust to market conditions and tailor unique solutions to meet the exact needs of our clients."

In light of the current oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, logistics companies, more than ever, must be extra cautious. Runshaug says, “Oil and Gas logistics is unforgiving; it demands zealous attention to detail. With an abundance of trade, security, and HSE rules a 21st century business reality, non-compliance will be less a matter of risky business, and more like playing Russian roulette with your company’s reputation. Attention to the minutia of proper practice will be a must, or else. Enterprises involved in oil and gas production must demand accountability from their logistics providers. Now more than ever, be prudent to pick your partners carefully.”

Agility is comprised of multiple international logistics companies, called Global Integrated Logistics (GIL). The Company has over 160 year of experience, and offers its oil and gas logistics services in over 120 countries around the world. Agility has a dedicated staff of 37,000 employees that have proved to be capable of overcoming any challenges the industry is faced with, such as meeting safety and security requirements, managing oversized equipment or working in remote locations. Agility maintains over 550 offices worldwide and occupies 10 million square meters of warehousing and specialized facilities.
Agility is considered to be one of the top global service providers in the oil and gas logistics industry. The Company’s position in the market involves its personalized services. Additionally, Agility’s customer partnerships are considered its driving force. The Company also guarantees its large customer base leading services in the most challenging of environments in the world.

GAC Logistics
GAC Logistics is a major player in the oil and gas logistics business. The Company has been in existence since its doors opened in Kuwait in 1956. Today, GAC is a highly-recognized global services provider. The Company has had an ongoing strategy to expand geographically and now has over 300 offices within 40 countries around the world. GAC Group’s 9,000 employees provide logistics solutions within various industries. However, GAC Logistics subsidiary, GAC Energy focuses on both onshore and offshore shipping, logistics and marine services. The Company’s primary service locations include: Africa, the Caspian Sea, India and the Middle East, further demonstrating its worldwide presence in support of the global industry.


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Apr 16, 2021

Hydrostor receives $4m funding for A-CAES facility in Canada

Dominic Ellis
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The funding will be used to complete essential engineering and planning, and enable Hydrostor to take critical steps toward construction
The funding will be used to complete essential engineering and planning, and enable Hydrostor to take critical steps toward construction...

Hydrostor has received $4m funding to develop a 300-500MW Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) facility in Canada.

The funding will be used to complete essential engineering and planning, and enable Hydrostor to plan construction. 

The project will be modeled on Hydrostor’s commercially operating Goderich storage facility, providing up to 12 hours of energy storage.

The project has support from Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Innovation Program and Sustainable Development Technology Canada.

Hydrostor’s A-CAES system supports Canada’s green economic transition by designing, building, and operating emissions-free energy storage facilities, and employing people, suppliers, and technologies from the oil and gas sector.

The Honorable Seamus O’Regan, Jr. Minister of Natural Resources, said: “Investing in clean technology will lower emissions and increase our competitiveness. This is how we get to net zero by 2050.”

A-CAES has the potential to lower greenhouse gas emissions by enabling the transition to a cleaner and more flexible electricity grid. Specifically, the low-impact and cost-effective technology will reduce the use of fossil fuels and will provide reliable and bankable energy storage solutions for utilities and regulators, while integrating renewable energy for sustainable growth. 

Curtis VanWalleghem, Hydrostor’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are grateful for the federal government’s support of our long duration energy storage solution that is critical to enabling the clean energy transition. This made-in-Canada solution, with the support of NRCan and Sustainable Development Technology Canada, is ready to be widely deployed within Canada and globally to lower electricity rates and decarbonize the electricity sector."

The Rosamond A-CAES 500MW Project is under advanced development and targeting a 2024 launch. It is designed to turn California’s growing solar and wind resources into on-demand peak capacity while allowing for closure of fossil fuel generating stations.

Hydrostor closed US$37 million (C$49 million) in growth financing in September 2019. 

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