Vision selects Semtech for smart meter infrastructure

By William Girling
Semtech’s LoRa and LoRaWAN protocol has been selected by Vision Metering to feature as embedded infrastructure in the latter’s new smart meters. A...

Semtech’s LoRa and LoRaWAN protocol has been selected by Vision Metering to feature as embedded infrastructure in the latter’s new smart meters.

A leading provider of high-performance semiconductors and algorithms, Semtech’s LoRa (long-range) and LoRaWAN (long-range wide-area network) are described as the ‘DNA of IoT’, connected sensors to the cloud and facilitating the analysis of integrated data in real-time.

With a diverse range of applications, including smart cities, healthcare, utilities, supply chain and logistics and more, Semtech’s innovative equipment is ideally placed to fulfil Vision’s purpose of designing smart electricity, gas and water meters. 

Replacing legacy infrastructure

Based in South Carolina, Vision’s mission is to transform utilities by introducing smart technology which eliminates the need for in-person checks, increases energy efficiency and saves operators money. 

Randy Austin, President and CEO of Vision, stated that the decision to use Semtech’s equipment was in recognition of its cheap deployment cost and large-scale potential to revolutionise the US’ utility sector.


“Semtech’s LoRa devices provide the ideal IoT platform for cooperative and public owned utilities to ‘future proof’ municipal operations, enabling the simple deployment of interoperable applications while avoiding costly vendor lock-in,” he said. 

“The applications’ minimal deployment cost, scalability based on customer need and ease of use make them attractive solutions to transform legacy systems. Vision’s LoRa-based AMI-based meters enable smarter overall energy monitoring with reduced operating cost.”

Doing a lot with a little

Strikingly, Vision calculated that the cost for a LoRa-based metering project in Mountain View, Missouri cost as little as USD$8,200 in infrastructure fees, yet the returns on savings could be significantly higher than this initial investment.

“Vision’s AMI smart meters leverage LoRa devices’ proven capabilities for the utility vertical to provide public and cooperative utilities with flexible deployment options and real-time data to improve efficiency,” said Marc Pegulu, VP of IoT for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. 

“LoRa devices and the LoRaWAN protocol enable long-range, efficient and data-driven metering to drive sustainable energy grids and reduce cost.”

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