Which Energy Providers Get Social Media?

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Any savvy business owner knows the power of social media and uses it wisely. Several prominent energy providers around the country, for instance, get t...

Any savvy business owner knows the power of social media and uses it wisely. 

Several prominent energy providers around the country, for instance, get the concept of social media and successfully use various platforms to communicate and connect with their customers, as well as to keep the general public informed on topics related to energy consumptions and related products.

Energy Providers Putting a Charge in Social Media

A December 2012 report published by a research company revealed that between 60 to 70 percent of adults use some form of social media on a daily basis.

Since providing energy is all about having good connections, energy providers should certainly take full advantage of the power of social media to facilitate those connections with customers and gain a competitive advantage over those energy providers who don’t use social media.

Zpryme, a research and consulting company, compiled statistics in a March 2012 report that revealed the top energy providers in the country who get the importance of social media, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube platforms.

Those social media savvy energy providers, the platforms they use, and their respective connections with customers are as follows >>>

  • Facebook is the preferred social media platform for these companies:  Reliant Energy (over 19,000 “Likes”), Florida Power & Light (over 14,000 “Likes”), and Detroit Edison (over 13,000 “Likes”);
  • Twitter is the preferred social media platform for these companies: San Diego Gas & Electric (over 16,000 followers), Public Service Electric & Gas (over 9,000 followers), and Virginia Electric & Power Co. (over 8,000 followers);
  • YouTube is the preferred social media platform for these companies:  Florida Power & Light (over 200 subscribers), Puget Sound Energy (over 100 subscribers), and Duke Energy Carolinas (over 100 subscribers).

How Energy Providers Use Social Media

When energy providers use social media, it allows customers to ask questions and offer feedback to their energy providers, as well as learn more about the services they offer, and discuss rate hikes and the cost of electricity or other utilities.

Facebook is the ideal place for energy providers to connect with their customers and keep them informed about energy efficient tips and strategies to lower their bills.

Twitter offers one of the quickest ways for energy providers to notify customers about power outages, as well as when they can expect restoration of power.

YouTube allows energy providers to post educational and informational videos, as well as instructional tutorials for DIY home improvements that increase energy efficiency.


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