Lifetime of Achievement: Lawrence Culp Jr

Lawrence Culp Jr
The Chairman and CEO of GE, and CEO of GE Aerospace, is a process-driven leader who holds lean principles close

In the advent of climate change, there are few organisations that have provided such influential activities as General Electric with a foothold in one of the highest growth trends of our time. This is all in the name of sustainability and at the helm of the organisation is its Chairman and CEO Larry Culp Jr. 

He’s the 12th CEO and 11th Chairman to grace the organisation, which is somewhat testament to the company’s historical presence in the energy sector since 1892. Having joined the company’s Board of Directors in April 2018, Culp Jr is now leading the charge at a critical point for its industries, namely aircraft engineering and wind energy deployment. 

His career journey is marked by some major achievements and results that reflect his strategic leadership. In 1990, Culp Jr joined Danaher and quickly took up the position of President in 1993. Following this he climbed a tier to become its Group Executive and Corporate Officer in 1995, making him responsible for its Environmental and Electronic Test and Measurement platforms. 

By 1999, Culp Jr's contributions were further recognised with his promotion to Executive Vice President at Danaher. His strategic insight and operational acumen were becoming increasingly apparent to the company, setting the stage for even greater achievements.

The beginning of his C-Level duties 

His ascent reached new heights a couple of years laters as he assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at the company. This appointment was a testament to his leadership prowess and his ability to navigate complex challenges while driving growth.

The pinnacle of his career at Danaher came in the same year, when he was named President and CEO. Under his guidance, the company achieved remarkable milestones, including an impressive five-fold increase in both revenue and market capitalization. His leadership consistently garnered praise from investors and analysts, solidifying his reputation as a top-tier CEO.

In the current chapter of his career, the journey continues in the energy realm as he leads GE in supporting some of the most crucial wind energy developments of the 21st Century. He assumed leadership at a pivotal time, advocating for lean practices and customer-centric approaches. His strategic realignment of the company's business portfolio, including divestitures and mergers, showcased his ability to drive transformation on a grand scale.

As a fairly fresh face in the energy industry and a CEO with a focus on sustainable principles across the board, Culp Jr brings a new outlook as the company focuses on decarbonisation through renewable energy and hybridised systems for aviation to reduce dependence on fossil fuels across global segments. 

Educational pursuits and influences

For this man, it’s about more than just serving the businesses that he works for as he appreciates the need for extra curricular action to accelerate business transition and drive a new era of knowledge in GE. 

Culp Jr’s influence extended beyond the corporate world. He shared his expertise as a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, where he imparted valuable insights on leadership, strategy, and general management to MBA and executive education students.

In May 2023, he was the keynote speaker for the Wake Forest school of Business graduate ceremony where he offered big ideas to the graduants, and he takes great pride in being an influential person in their career journeys. 

Much of what he preached at the ceremony can be applied to a number of aspects within the corporate world, and they all relate to the impending concerns of efficiency and modern influences on personal productivity. 

“Business can be overrun by unnecessary meetings, platitudes and bureaucracy and other forms of nonsense and waste. Know the difference between substance and superficiality and steer towards the former,” he said when reflecting on his speech. 

Further, he also champions the lean conversation, which really sums up an important lesson he carries into his work at GE. 

“Constantly look to learn and improve and grow. Push your teams and your employers to do the same. Substantively, in ways that really matter. Yes, it can be exhausting at times but also exhilarating. There isn’t a better path to success.”


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