Vestas Promotes Renewable Apprenticeship in Shetland

Vestas is working with organisations to set up an apprenticeship programme as it agrees on a contract for 103 wind turbines in Shetland

A great way for businesses to get young individuals involved in renewable energy developments is by providing apprenticeships and training. Not only does this help arm the new generation of renewable engineers, but it also further promotes the use of renewables. 

Vestas is working with the developer of the Viking 443MW wind farm, SSE Renewables, to support four individuals with an apprenticeship programme at the site—based on the Shetland island. The scheme will provide the chosen candidates with the knowledge and skills to work as turbine technicians, and provide them with careers prospects at Viking. The success of the apprenticeship programme will act as a catalyst for expanding the scheme further. 

Getting Hands-On with New Wind Turbines

The programme will be an exciting opportunity for the prospective apprentices, as the company has agreed on a contract with Viking to supply 103 turbines for the project. The agreement also means that Vestas will carry out servicing of the wind farm over the next 30 years, providing a wealth of opportunities for the apprentices. Keith Wallace, Service Director for Vestas UK and Ireland talks about the apprenticeship scheme, which the company will now take applications for. 

‘We’re pleased to be offering this exciting opportunity for some keen and enthusiastic apprentices to join us on the journey to deliver and maintain Shetland and the UK’s clean energy future through wind power’, says Wallace. 

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Shetland would like local individuals to take up the positions and Vestas is promoting the demand for local personnel. ‘We want to hear from candidates in Shetland who really want to get involved and learn a lot about our industry, whilst developing a broad range of skills for a career in a growing, globally important industry. [...] These are great opportunities for four deserving candidates to have a frontline role in the renewable energy industry, and we look forward to hearing from them’, says Wallace.

Emily van Tonder, the School Coordinator from DYW Shetland, says, ‘we’re keen to assist young people in Shetland to apply for these apprenticeships in any way we can. [...] We’re currently running our DYW Summer Leavers Programme, offering support with CV checks, mock interviews and e-learning opportunities and we’d be happy to help any young people who are interested in these excellent opportunities’. 

van Tonder also says, ‘our colleagues at Skills Development Scotland are also on hand to help people of any age in Shetland who would like help submitting an application for the Vestas roles’.

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