Sustainability Articles

ABB Electrification supports GridBeyond’s AI Energy Solution

ABB Electrification’s investment in GridBeyond supports the development of AI to transform the way industries generate, distribute & consume energy

Colgate-Palmolive’s Energy Efficiency Recongised Once Again

Global giant Colgate-Palmolive earns its 14th consecutive ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award, showcasing leadership in energy efficiency and management

Q&A with Energy Storage Expert & Industry CEO Jorg Heinemann

Previously at Accenture, SunPower and Primus Power, Jorg Heinemann now heads up California-based energy storage systems company EnerVenue

EY Helps Make Extreme E a ‘Sustainable Beacon’ of Racing

EY has teamed up with electric vehicle racing series Extreme E to drive forward the sustainability agenda & celebrates a sport powered by renewable energy

New Rotterdam Hydrogen Facility to Boost Energy Transition

GES and Provaris are to develop a new import facility in the Port of Rotterdam to improve energy efficiency & support the timely supply of green hydrogen


Data Centre Demand Putting Pressure on Energy Capabilities

Utilities in the US are predicting a tidal wave of demand for data centres thanks to the boom of AI, which, in turn, will dial up the need for electricity

Inside the World’s Largest Thermal Energy Storage Facility

With an estimated completion date of 2028, Varanto — Vantaa’s thermal energy storage facility — will store energy equivalent to that of 1.3m EV batteries


Q&A with Hitachi Energy’s EVP & Head of North America

Anthony Allard, who heads up Hitachi Energy as Executive Vice President and Head of North America, shares why the grid is holding us back from clean energy