Sustainability Articles


Fulcrum BioEnergy opens Sierra BioFuels plant in Nevada

BioFuels plant will convert around 175,000 tons of prepared landfill waste into 11mn gallons of renewable syncrude annually

Intelligent automation and AI's roles in electricity sector

Beth Homer, SVP of Sales, Americas at SS&C Blue Prism, reflects on the progress of intelligent automation and AI in the electricity sector

5 Mins With ... Origami CEO Peter Bance

Peter Bance explains how independent energy technology solutions Origami enables companies to diversify their green energy portfolioss

Tetronics wins UK contract to make 'plasma' green hydrogen

Tetronics is researching green hydrogen production using its Hydrogen Plasmolysis (THP) Technology which applies the “plasma effect”

Swifter action needed to tackle energy cybersecurity threats

Oil and gas executives believe a cybersecurity attack will cause shutdowns, damage assets and pose risk to life within 2 years, according to DNV survey


European Commission publishes REPowerEU energy plan

European Commission's REPowerEU energy plan addresses the 'double urgency' of Russia and climate change - and will cost €210bn between now and 2027

Why no business can ignore energy efficiency

Lindsay Ventress, Principal Consultant & Service Line Lead – Energy, at EcoAct, highlights the importance of energy efficiency for all businesses

Akselos to scale digital twin after $16.5mn closing round

Latest funding round enables Akselos to scale renewable energy and follows SP Energy Networks and Digital Catapult's launch of UK electricity twin project