Global Data: Top 10 Twitter Advocates of Clean Energy

Following research from Global Data, Energy Digital takes a looks at the top 10 Twitter Advocates for clean energy and climate change issues

As the net-zero initiative comes into play, more companies will be incorporating clean energy and sustainability into their business strategies. With insights from industry experts, businesses are better equipped to be sustainable as the world moves towards a clean energy future. 

We take a look at the top advocates on Twitter who discuss all things sustainability.

10: Assaad Razzouk



Assaad Razzouk, Group CEO at Sindicatum Renewable Energy, is considered a commentator on clean energy and the climate. He runs a podcast to discuss such subjects, called The Angry Clean Energy Guy, which was established in 2019. Razzouk is an advocate for clean energy, environmental risk management and net-zero carbon initiatives in various sectors.

09: Zachary Shahan



CEO and Chief Editor of CleanTechnica, Zachary Shahan, has been the company director since 2010 and is also a co-founder of Tesla Shuttle. Shahan has worked for many organisations, ranging from numerous media networks to San Mateo County Planning and Building Department. He shares many insights involving clean energy on his Twitter page.

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08: Carl Siegrist



Carl Siegrist is a Renewable Energy Strategist, carrying out some volunteer work during retirement. Siegrist’s longest stint of work was at We energies, where he held various high-level positions for a total of almost 28 years. He is also a former member of several energy boards, including IRECUSA, Smart Electric Power, NABCEP and RENEW.

07: Michael Noble


Michael Noble is an experienced leader, well-known for shaping and driving public policy innovations in the renewable energy sector. Noble, the Executive Director of Fresh Energy, uses the Twitter platform to share insights into all developments involving electric transport. Noble was also a founding member of Wind on the Wires, Climate Generation, Minnesota Environmental Partnership, Conservation Minnesota and the Conservation Minnesota Voter Centre.

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06: Alex Gilbert



Alex Gilbert, Project Manager at Nuclear Innovation Alliance, is a complex systems researcher focusing on space mining, climate policy, energy markets, and nuclear innovation. Gilbert is very much an advocate for the implementation of Nuclear Energy and leads research in advanced nuclear reactors as an option to mitigate climate change.

05: Julia Pyper



Julia Pyper has more than a decade of experience covering energy and environmental issues for professional and general audiences. She currently works with Loanpal as the Vice President of Communications and Policy, which involves discussing clean energy, green technology and events relating to climate change, which are also discussed on her Twitter.

04: Daniel Cohan



Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering at Rice University and author of Confronting Climate Gridlock, Daniel Cohan, specialises in atmospheric modelling to inform air quality management and the impacts of energy use on the environment and health. Cohan’s discussions on Twitter usually involve climate legislation and developments in the renewable energy sector.

03: Mark Z Jacobson


Mark Z Jacobson is a Civil and Environmental Engineering professor at Stanford University and the Director of Atmosphere/Energy Program. His work focuses on understanding pollution, the risks of global warming, and how developing large-scale clean energy can support climate. He tweets about technological developments in and the adoption of clean energy.

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02: Jesse Jenkins



Jesse Jenkins is an Assistant Professor at Princeton University, specialising in macro-scale energy systems engineering, optimisation and policies. On his Twitter account, Jenkins boasts his advocacy of clean energy initiatives and insights into general real-world events. His current work revolves around the rapidly evolving electricity sector, including the transition to zero-carbon resources.

01: Tor Valenza



It comes as no surprise that Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at UnThink Solar, Tor Valenza, is a vocal Twitter influencer for all things climate and renewable energy-related. His Twitter is filled with insights into all things involving green technology, renewables and business sustainability. Over the past decade, Valenza has worked for the likes of SunPower, Go Green Power, REC Solar and SepiSolar.


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