ABB & Ndustrial: Pioneering AI-Powered Energy Management

ABB’s minority investment in cleantech startup Ndustrial marks a significant advancement in the drive towards decarbonisation and energy optimisation

Leading and pioneering digital technology giant ABB continues to empower industries, with its pursuit further underpinned by one of its latest investments in an award-winning cleantech startup.

Its minority investment in two-time award-winning Ndustrial will accelerate decarbonisation through AI-powered energy management technologies.

The collaboration instigated by this injection of money — of an undisclosed amount — integrates AI-powered energy management solutions into ABB’s digital and sustainability portfolios, enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of industrial operations globally.

Ndustrial: What is it and what will it achieve?

By delivering a real-time industrial intelligence platform, Ndustrial enables companies to gain new levels of insight into their business processes.

This is done through its technology which helps companies measure and reduce their energy intensity. By integrating multiple data sources such as weather, market rates, equipment performance, industrial process outputs, companies can analyse, optimise and predict their energy usage and costs per unit of production with Ndustrial. 

As a result, real-time decisions can be made and businesses can access actionable insights and automated control, specific to the industry, facility or production line being optimised.

To date, Ndustrial has helped companies avoid more than US$100 million in energy costs in the last decade. One of its clients, global cold storage leader Lineage, saw a 30% reduction in both energy costs and energy intensity over a seven-year period, equivalent to powering 250,000 homes annually.

“In a world preoccupied with AI that often delivers nebulous benefits, Ndustrial stands out for our decade of experience quantifying impressive payoffs from machine learning optimisations,” Ndustrial’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer John Crawford said. “Our team of industrial engineers and software developers have created a new kind of energy management system for industrial operations. 

John Crawford, Ndustrial’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

“With ABB’s expertise and global reach, we’ll be able to make a real impact in accelerating the global energy transition.”

What does this injection of cash from ABB mean for Ndustrial?

Mads Møller, Head of ABB Electrification Ventures, said: “Ndustrial's track record, technology platform and experienced team make them stand out. Our investment reflects ABB's commitment to innovative companies driving industrial electrification and energy savings for customers.”

Mads Møller, Head of ABB Electrification Ventures

ABB’s investment in Ndustrial provides the cleantech startup with crucial financial support to enhance and expand its AI-powered energy management solutions. The partnership will allow Ndustrial — twice named as one of the World’s Top 100 Energy & Climate Tech startups by Start Up Energy Transition — to leverage ABB’s global market reach, technological expertise and industry connections to accelerate its own growth and innovation for the benefit of the business and its clientele.

The collaboration is hoped to boost Ndustrial’s credibility and enable it to penetrate new markets and attract more customers. 

Most importantly, it will support its core mission to reduce energy intensity and carbon emissions, furthering global decarbonisation efforts and contributing to more sustainable industrial operations.

Stuart Thompson, President of ABB Electrification

“Championing sustainability and guiding customers to achieve net zero carbon is at the core of what we do,” said Stuart Thompson, President of ABB Electrification. “Through our Advisory Services we are building an ecosystem of innovative, nimble partners to co-develop advancements in digital solutions to complement our portfolio and enhance the availability, resilience, safety and sustainability of energy for customers.”


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