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Top 10: Uses of AI in Energy

Including forecasting, exploration opportunities and smart grids, here’s 10 ways AI is making waves across the energy industry

Top 10 Smart Grid Companies

The top companies contributing to smart grid development and uptake have been ranked by revenue, and include Siemens AG, IBM and Cisco


Top 10: Electric Vehicle Companies

To become sustainable, the automotive industry be able to leverage renewable energy, and these 10 companies are providing the electric vehicles to do so


Top 10: UK Energy Providers

The top 10 energy providers in the UK are instrumental in ensuring a sustainable transformation of the system—through electrification to decarbonise

Top 10: US Battery Energy Storage Facilities

Meeting renewable energy demand requires significant investment in battery energy storage to ensure grid capacity for a sustainable flow of electricity

Top 10: RPA Providers to Support Energy Sector Operations

Robotic process automation frees up personnel to add value elsewhere in the business, so companies may choose one of these to take on menial energy tasks


Top 10 electricity trends from IEA market report

Many electricity markets continue to experience skyrocketing prices, particularly in Europe, reflecting deep uncertainties, notes IEA Electricity report

Top 10 opportunities for nuclear energy

New IEA report identifies policy, regulatory and market changes that could be implemented in order to create new nuclear investment opportunities

Top 10 applications of AI and Robotics in Energy Sector

Micah Horner, Product Marketing Manager at TimeXtender, outlines the top 10 new technology applications and their benefits to the energy sector

10 Breakthrough Ideas in Energy For The Next 10 Years

The Global Energy Association has presented its second annual report Ten breakthrough ideas in energy for the next 10 years 


Top 10 issues facing energy leaders

The 12th World Energy Issues Monitor report highlights key issues challenging governments and energy leaders...


Top 10 SaaS trends in 2021

Datapine outlines the 10 key SaaS trends this year...