Sustainability Lists


Top 10 net zero and emissions barriers for heavy industry

World Economic Forum highlights 10 key challenges facing heavy industry companies on the road to decarbonisation


Top 10 climate impacts on offshore energy

New Chaucer report warns offshore energy sector is on course for a material changes due to the growing threats posed by climate change


Top 10 countries for carbon dioxide emissions

New McKinsey report finds top 10 countries account for 62% of carbon emissions with China, United States and India having most to do tackling net zero


Top 10 ways governments can support clean energy start-ups

New IEA report outlines the ways governments can support clean energy start-ups and meet climate goals


Top 10 Actions for Carbon Dioxide Removal

New Energy Transitions Commission report highlights the key actions needed to tackle carbon dioxide removal in the 2020s

Top 10 applications of AI and Robotics in Energy Sector

Micah Horner, Product Marketing Manager at TimeXtender, outlines the top 10 new technology applications and their benefits to the energy sector

Top 10 Global Energy Opportunities

Frost & Sullivan report highlights opportunities for energy companies during the transition to a net zero future


Top 10 Sustainable Innovations In The Energy Industry

We take a look at ten innovations making the Energy Industry more sustainable