Mar 18, 2021

Top 10 issues facing energy leaders

Dominic Ellis
4 min
Top 10 issues facing energy leaders
The 12th World Energy Issues Monitor report highlights key issues challenging governments and energy leaders...

The World Energy Council has published its annual World Energy Issues Monitor. Now in its 12th year, the report provides a forward-looking assessment of the global energy agenda based on the views of more than 2,500 energy leaders from 108 countries.

The 2021 edition shows that energy leaders’ perceptions of areas of risk, opportunity, and priorities for action have radically changed over the last 12 months. While economic turbulence stemming from the ongoing reverberations of COVID-19 is the biggest area of uncertainty, with uncertainty around economic trends increasing by a third over the previous year, there is also a growing focus on the social agenda associated with a faster paced energy transition.

Here are the top 10 issues keeping leaders awake at night:

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