Top 10 Women in Energy

We take a look at ten women in the Energy industry

The energy industry is forever changing and growing. Here in this report we take a look at  10 women in the industry that are creating change and pushing for innovation. In no particular order.

10. Sheila Alrowaily


Sheila Alrowaily is the CEO of the Global Investment management company since 2019. In her previous role which lasted over 20 years she pushed for innovation projects such as creating Wisayah, which invests pension funds into long term investment portfolios. Aramco, where she is working now, is the largest energy company in the world.

9. Mari Salazar


Mari Salazar is in charge of the energy banking operation at BOK Financial’s Energy Financial Service group. Here is a quote from Mari while she was beginning her career “My goal after my very first day in energy was to figure out what all the acronyms meant. It was as if people were speaking another language,” Her focus moving forward in energy is to find ways of going green.

8. Sarah McLean


Sarah McLean is the co-head of the company Shearman & Sterling LLP which is based in Austin and Houston. She found the industry and job challenging which is what has kept her interested in energy. Her previous role lasted 19 years before she moved up to Shearman and Sterling.

7. Melanie A. Little


Melanie A. Little moved 20 years ago to pursue her career with The Williams Companies, she is now senior Vice President at Magellan Midstream Partners. During her time at university she studied environmental engineering. She's extremely motivated in her industry and wants to bring more interest into energy.

6. Whitney Eaton


Whitney Eaton has come from a background of energy, her mother, and both of her grandparents worked within the energy industry. She is excited to be working in energy and is encouraging others to find their career path in the industry. She is currently the Vice President of Compliance & ESG.

5. Leslie Shockley Beyer


Leslie Shockley Beyer is the CEO of Technology and Workforce Council. She is best known for her work across the presidential campaigns within the White House. She's passionate about her industry and the way it helped power hospitals throughout the pandemic. In her current role she has been pushing for diversity within the industries and services.

4. Martha A. Burger


Martha A. Burger is currently the President of Oklahoma City University, she has a background in energy, formerly working for Chesapeake Energy as the executive. She is passionate about the oil and gas industry and has won the Oil and Gas Innovators Award during 2021.

3. Allyson Book


Allyson Book works within the oil and gas industry, she is Vice President at Baker Hughes. During her role at BSEE which is an offshore oil rig, she worked for 5 years on regulatory reforms. Allyson is passionate about opening up the world to energy because of the opportunities it brings.

2. Teresa L. Dick


Teresa L. Dick is the Vice President, Accounting Officer, and Assistant Secretary at Diamondback Energy. She grew up in the state of Oklahoma and her passion came from her surrounding friends and family who work within the industry. She began her career with her sister in law at Hiland Partners. She is passionate about improving the industry and educating the public as well as bringing diverse talent to energy.

1. Jill Evanko


Jill Evanko is the CEO and President of Chart Industries. She began her career in the year 2000 at a company that was involved in a large scandel, she knew the business wouldn't survive and began looking for her role in the manufacturing industry which then led her to her current title in oil and gas. She's extremely passionate about creating the future of energy and preparing us for unpredicted occurrences.



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