Utilities Articles

Shell & Infosys collab for green data centre initiative

They will bring together their capabilities to create an integrated offering for green data centres to accelerate adoption of immersion cooling

Is digital engineering a solution to the energy trilemma?

Scott Parent, VP & Field CTO, Aerospace, Energy & Industrial, Ansys shares insight on the role digital engineering will have in solving the energy trilemma


IBM collaboration to boost fuel cell performance using GenAI

FuelCell Energy’s performance is set to be enhanced by Foundation Models, a form of GenAI developed by IBM, in support of transition to renewable energy

Harnessing cloud service to accelerate energy sustainably

AWS’ Head of Sustainability & Migration and Modernisation Tobias Kederer’s comments at Sustainability LIVE help energy firms leverage insight from data

The latest energy and utilities trends: PwC shares insight

AI could be an enabler for the energy & utilities workforce that frees up capacity to tackle more strategic challenges, says Danny Whigham, PwC Energy Lead

HOFOR & Danfoss use AI to optimise energy consumption

AI is the future — with digitalisation, we can gather data to maximise energy efficiency to reduce CO2 emissions, says Jürgen Fischer, Danfoss President

CRA: The future of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

As regulators become familiar with BESS, additional applications emerge — optimisation begins by combining revenue streams, says Kate Kaplet, CRA Energy

Clean energy technology: Rolls-Royce SMR’s nuclear solution

The Rolls-Royce SMR is a solution to the global energy security & decarbonisation challenge that's two years ahead of competitors, says Chris Cholerton CEO