Utilities Articles


Energy efficiency: delivering measurable ROI

Tuomo Hoysniemi, Division President, Drive Products at ABB, explains how investing in energy efficiency today maximises savings over the long term

Transforming the energy landscape with AI

In what ways can the energy industry utilise machine learning capabilities to address the urgent challenges of today?

Digital transformation: an imminent evolution

Digital transformation is an inevitability for energy companies not wanting to be left in the dust of technological irrelevance


Energy cyber threats: what are the motives for disruption?

With energy in the spotlight, cyber threats are increasing and the risks of disruption to these networks is one that could impact economies globally

npower Business Solutions delivers flexible trading solution

Gemma Eagle-Bruce, Optimisations Desk Manager at npower Business Solutions, introduces its flexible solution for energy trading and optimising efficiency

The Top 5 cyber threats to the energy sector

Energy companies are no exceptions to cybersecurity breaches. With that said, here are five threats that firms should action to protect their businesses

The threat of nation-state attacks in energy is growing

Matt Watson, Red Team Expert at CovertSwam, discusses infrastructure complexity and geographic diversity in relation to energy sector cybersecurity


Bramble Energy gains new partners in hydrogen fuel-cell

Working with Equipmake, Aeristech, and the University of Bath, UK, Bramble Energy is accelerating its groundbreaking hydrogen fuel-cell development project