Utilities Articles

Digitalising to unlock the net zero potential of biomethane

Adam Kingdon, CEO at Utonomy, on increasing the injection of biomethane into the grid

Banks to turn to 'open energy data' to help customers

Soaring household energy bills are prompting consumers to think hard about how to reduce bills – and some banks are stepping up

ABB London extends life of LondonEnergy's plant

LondonEnergy upgrades and extends its energy-from-waste (EfW) facility, ensuring continued production of sustainable energy and processing of waste

A green future: the energy market in 2023

In 2023, the energy market faces a host of challenges & opportunities - Petroplan's Managing Director APAC, Daniel Torpy, offers his insight

The US team and science behind nuclear fusion breakthrough

As US scientists achieve a breakthrough in nuclear fusion energy, we look at the leadership team and science behind this multi-billion dollar investment

Japan’s TEPCO teams up with Scotland’s Floatation Energy

Japan’s largest electricity utility partners with floating offshore wind energy pioneer in its first major venture into UK offshore wind markets


Iberdrola commits to up to €3bn in investment in Australia

The Spanish renewable energy giant aims to further consolidate its position in Australia, which presents a key energy market for the company

Shanghai Electric begins commercial operations

As Shanghai Electric starts commercial operations, Block B has begun production of electricity 17 days ahead of schedule