Oil & Gas Lists

Top 10: Sustainable Data Centre Companies

As data centres grow ever more prevalent - an estimated increase of 10% by 2030 - we take a look at those taking the lead in sustainability

Top 10 leading carbon capture companies

Carbon capture companies aim to bridge the gap between the energy transition and dependence on hard-to-abate industries - we take a look at the top 10


Top 10 nuclear energy-producing countries

As countries swiftly move toward sustainable energy sources, nuclear power remains pertinent. We look at the top 10 nuclear power-producing countries


Top 10 issues facing African oil and gas producing countries

McKinsey report outlines key steps African oil and gas producing nations must take during the energy transition


Top 10 net zero and emissions barriers for heavy industry

World Economic Forum highlights 10 key challenges facing heavy industry companies on the road to decarbonisation


Top 10 climate impacts on offshore energy

New Chaucer report warns offshore energy sector is on course for a material changes due to the growing threats posed by climate change


Top 10 countries for carbon dioxide emissions

New McKinsey report finds top 10 countries account for 62% of carbon emissions with China, United States and India having most to do tackling net zero


Top 10 actions to cut oil use

The IEA’s 10-point plan to cut oil use proposes 10 actions that can be taken to reduce oil demand which will have an immediate impact