Top 10: Renewable Energy Companies

Top 10 Renewable Energy Companies
Top 10 Renewable Energy Companies
For the First Top 10 of 2024, Energy Digital Shines a Light on the Largest Renewable Energy Companies Worldwide, Including GE, Canadian Solar and Iberdrola

Using energy derived from natural sources that are replenished at a higher rate than they are consumed, there are a host of companies globally tapping into the resource that is renewable energy.

The most popular types of renewable energy — solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geothermal and biomass — provide a sustainable source of energy with less of an environmental impact than its fossil-based counterparts.

In celebration of those paving the way to a more sustainable future, we shine a light on the world’s leaders in renewable energy.

10. Algonquin Power & Utilities
Revenue: US$3.3 billion
Renewable energy capacity: 4GW

Kicking off our list of the largest renewable energy companies, Canadian utility company Algonquin Power & Utilities provides rate-regulated utility and renewable energy services to more than one million consumers across North America. The services it provides include natural gas, water and electricity through Algonquin's operating business Liberty. The corporation also invests in clean and renewable energy sources, including the likes of solar, wind, hydro and thermal. The company boasts more than US$16 million in assets globally.

9. Daqo New Energy
Revenue: US$4.1bn
Renewable energy capacity: Unknown

Chinese polysilicon manufacturer Daqo New Energy supplies the solar PV industry and calls itself one of the world's low-cost producers. It was founded in 2007 and manufactures and sells high-purity polysilicon, used as a raw material by the solar photovoltaic and electronics industry. Photovoltaic product manufactures then further process the product into ingots, wafers, cells, and modules for solar power solutions. The company also offers ready-to-use polysilicon, packaged to meet crucible stacking, pulling and solidification needs.

8. Brookfield Renewable
Revenue: US$4.8bn
Renewable energy capacity: 24GW

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Owning and operating renewable power assets, Brookfield Renewable has corporate headquarters in Ontario, Canada. It has a portfolio of renewable power-generating facilities worldwide. It is one of the world's largest investors in renewable power and climate transition assets, with one of its main business focuses being hydroelectric power operations. It also owns and operates wind, solar, distributed generation and storage facilities.

Brookfield leverages more than 120 years of operating experience and industry-leading innovation, driving value across its extensive clean energy platform and delivering innovative renewable power solutions that accelerate the world towards a sustainable, low-carbon future. 

7. Canadian Solar
Revenue: US$7bn
Renewable energy capacity: 25GW

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Doing what it says on the tin, Canadian Solar Inc. is a solar energy company that designs and manufactures solar photovoltaic modules and provides energy solutions. Canadian-founded, the company serves customers in more than 160 countries worldwide.

As part of its operations, Canadian Solar is involved in supporting the installation of solar energy as well as a number utility-scale power projects. The company employs a workforce of more than 10,000 people worldwide. 

6. JinkoSolar
Revenue: US$10.6bn
Renewable energy capacity: Unknown

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Globally renowned and highly innovative solar technology company with a motto focused on embracing the mission of “changing the energy portfolio and taking responsibility for enabling a sustainable future”, JinkoSolar is a Chinese solar power company that manufactures solar energy products like silicon ingots and wafers, solar cells and solar modules. As a company, JinkoSolar focuses on integrated research, development and manufacturing of photovoltaic products, as well as providing comprehensive clean energy solutions, leading in sales in the global mainstream photovoltaic market. Its customer base has a worldwide presence, with it serving 190 countries including the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

5. Vestas Wind Systems
Revenue: US$15bn
Renewable energy capacity: 164GW

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Rounding up the top five of the largest renewable energy companies worldwide is Danish wind energy company Vestas, which develops, manufactures and installs wind turbines across the globe. A leader in sustainable energy, Vestas designs, manufactures, installs and service wind energy and hybrid projects that have already prevented 1.9bn tonnes³ of CO₂ being emitted into the atmosphere and contributed to a more sustainable energy system, playing a crucial role in laying the foundations for the sustainable era.

4. NextEra Energy
Revenue: US$20bn
Renewable energy capacity: 25.5GW

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For three decades, NextEra has pioneered universal solar and has positioned itself as an energy storage leader. The American energy company that is one of the world’s largest wind and solar energy generators. It also operates nuclear power and natural gas plants. It has made investments in emissions-free wind and solar generation, innovative battery storage technology, low-emissions natural gas generation, safe and emissions-free nuclear power, industry-leading energy efficiency programs and transmission lines.

3. Constellation Energy
Revenue: US$22bn
Renewable energy capacity: 32GW

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Constellation Energy is an American energy company that provides a variety of energy sources, including electrical, nuclear, electric power, natural gas and energy management services. The top producer of carbon-free energy in the US, it is also the largest carbon-free energy producer, producing a tenth of the nation's carbon-free electricity. A Fortune 200 company, three quarters of Fortune 100 companies reply on Constellation for their energy needs. Its generation fleet of nuclear, hydro, wind and solar generation facilities powers more than 20 million homes and businesses and is helping to accelerate the US’ transition to clean energy. 

2. Iberdrola
Revenue: US$53bn
Renewable energy capacity: 52GW

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Spanish multinational electric utility company Iberdrola specialises in clean energy, including onshore and offshore wind, pumped hydro, solar photovoltaic and battery storage. The firm operates in the US, UK, Spain, Mexico and Brazil, and is Europe’s biggest utility. Iberdrola began its commitment to renewable energy more than two decades ago, establishing a foundation on which to build its clean, reliable and smart business model.

Its place on the cutting edge of the energy transition towards a low-emissions economy is reflected in its 2025 Strategic Plan, committing €47bn (US$51.4bn) to drive the energy transition through its various axes.

1. General Electric
Revenue: US$75bn
Renewable energy capacity: 400GW

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GE is the largest renewable energy company by a significant margin. As a multinational conglomerate, it offers a wide range of products and services, including renewable energy solutions. A leader in the development of wind turbines and energy-efficient software, GE combines onshore and offshore wind, hydro and innovative technologies, which has resulted in it installing more than 400GW capacity. It has more than 49,000 wind turbines installed globally and remains committed to harnessing the earth’s natural resources — the strength of the wind, the heat of the sun and the force of water — to deliver green electrons to power the world’s biggest economies and the most remote communities.


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