Top 10: Kinetic Energy Companies

We’ve ranked the top companies working in sustainable kinetic energy — including Emrgy Inc, Revterra and Miser Hybrid Technologies

In an energy economy shifting to distributed, intermittent renewables, kinetic energy companies are carving space for themselves as viable sustainable options. Kinetic energy can include any energy created due to motion, and this list celebrates energy creation and storage, for anything from consumer utilities, to EV charging, to wider corporate decarbonisation.

10. Smart Hydropower

Smart Hydro Power has developed unique products and packages providing sustainable and complete renewable energy systems for the best cost-efficiency possible. These include smart turbines, energy management systems and services and auxiliaries from the German company.

9. Teraloop

The kinetic energy storage system by Teraloop aims to provide the highest round-trip efficiency of all energy storage conversion processes in an effort to close the loop and move to fully renewable energy. Teraloop’s flywheels and hybrid storage systems make EV fast and ultra-fast charging more easy and economical to realise, alongside assisting public transport companies in reaching carbon emission reduction targets.

8. FeTu Roticulate

Established in 2016 and based in West Yorkshire, FeTu is an innovation driven enterprise that has created a revolutionary ‘green’ energy device targeting carbon reduction across a broad range of systems and industries. The FeTu Roticulating system combines radial, axial and reciprocal techniques into a single high-efficiency solution to target mass cross-sector decarbonisation. 

7. Vortex Bladeless

Spanish energy company Vortex Bladeless is developing a new wind power generating technology without blades, gears or shafts, encouraging a new urban opportunity for wind power. Instead, the light cylindrical machines oscillate perpendicular to the wind stream, creating an aeroelastic resonance in which energy can be harnessed from the wind.

6. Levistor

Levistor’s technology lies in flywheel battery solutions that are recyclable, non-toxic, non-flammable and have long lives regardless of usage. The high-power, short-duration energy storage requires little containment and no safety enclosures or bunkering that flywheels traditionally require to protect people and property in the event of a mechanical fault, thus reducing cost. It also makes the technology great for EV charging.

5. KineticCore Solutions

KineticCore Solutions, an industry leader in energy storage technology, has introduced a groundbreaking flywheel structural design that promises to bring remarkable improvements in cost-efficiency, performance, and safety. In recognition of their innovation and dedication to excellence, KineticCore was honored with a Top 5 Energy Storage Innovation Award by the Department of Energy in 2023.

Their flagship product, the Kinetic Battery system, is set to reshape the electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape. A Single Kinetic Battery enables 250kW+ fast-charging capabilities without battery degradation or duty cycle limitations. What truly sets KineticCore apart is the significant financial benefits it provides to customers. By choosing the Kinetic Battery system, customers can enjoy a substantial 60% reduction in upfront costs compared to grid tie upgrades, and reduce operating cost up to 85% over the system's lifetime.

4. Pavegen​​​​​​​

Pavegen’s innovative kinetic technology develops electricity by being stepped on. The underfoot generators look like paving slabs and can be installed anywhere there is footfall to generative green energy. Founded in Brixton, London in 2009 and now based in Cambridge, UK, the technology has been installed over 250 times in 37 countries.

3. Miser Hybrid Technologies

Miser presents a revolutionary new approach to kinetic energy recovery, engine optimisation, energy storage and re-application for any vehicle aimed at dramatically improving fuel consumption, vehicle performance and total cost of ownership whilst simultaneously reducing carbon emissions. The company, which is wholly owned by South African company Ducere Holdings (Pty)Ltd., aims to offer the most efficient energy recovery, energy storage and engine optimisation to have a real-time impact on the environment.

2. Revterra

Ensuring that energy storage is clean, efficient, and reliable is the driving force behind US based company Revterra. Founded by physician Ben Jawdat in 2017, the company’s kinetic battery solution has been designed to mitigate demand charges and infrastructure upgrade requirements in applications such as high-power electric vehicle charging and larger grid-scale applications.

1. Emrgy Inc.

Emrgy Inc. is a technology company working to redefine hydropower and utilise what it believes to be the world’s most reliable, continuous, and cost-effective renewable energy resource. Founded in 2014 by Emily Morris, the technology enables customers to tap into unused energy resources in small or shallow water flows to offset grid power consumption and/or achieve grid power independence.


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