August 4, 2020

SolarEdge - The power to do more with your renewable energy

Solar Energy

SolarEdge is turning its inverters into more than just solar inverters, we are turning them into smart energy managers. Inverters can turn smart homes into smart energy homes and put power into the hands of consumers. They manage energy storage in batteries and how we use energy in the home. 

By managing energy in a comprehensive way, SolarEdge inverters can store solar energy in a battery to use in the evenings, divert extra solar energy to heat water, and activate other smart devices during the day to help reduce power bills, and more. 

At the network level, the inverters can to help transition the electricity grid from one based on centralized, polluting power stations to a network of smart and renewable energy sources. 

By working together, inverters can turn our grid into a decarbonised and decentralised smart network.

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