Energy leaders discuss industry hot topics at CERAWeek 2024

Chevron at CERAWeek 2024. Credit: Chevron
CERAWeek, the biggest energy conference since COP28, brings together the globe’s brightest minds to share knowledge on the industry’s biggest challenges

This week is a big one for the energy calendar, with CERAWeek taking place in Houston, Texas.

CERAWeek 2024 is the first major industry gathering since COP28 in Dubai, where global governments committed for the first time to transition away from fossil fuels and to triple the world's renewable energy installations.

The annual energy conference, organised by S&P Global, sees the gathering of some of the world’s biggest and most well-known energy industry leaders, government officials, policymakers and experts where they discuss and address critical issues and trends in the energy sector. 

About CERAWeek 2024

With this year’s themes set out to explore and facilitate discussions on strategies for a multidimensional, multispeed and multifuel energy transition, the 2024 instalment focuses on what is undeniably one of the hottest topics of the moment for the energy sector.

It provides a platform for networking, sharing insights and exploring innovations and solutions related to energy — whether that be oil, natural gas, renewables, power or the technology behind it. With keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions galore, a wide variety of topics impacting the global energy landscape are given an equally global platform.

There is an abundance of noteworthy speakers and attendees making waves at this year’s conference, with special mentions for:

This year’s iteration of the conference covers eight main themes:

  • Energy markets
  • Policy and geopolitics
  • Company strategies
  • Power markets in transition
  • New supply chains for next zero
  • Capital transition
  • Technology and innovation
  • Climate and sustainability

“The energy world is changing, and so has what people talk about, what they need to wrestle with,” CERAWeek Co-Founder Daniel Yergin told the Houston Chronicle, reflecting on how the conference has evolved from its original oil and gas form. “The agenda has changed. All the startups and tech companies who are coming, the Microsofts and the Amazons, is really a signal of that.

“A few years ago the general consensus was electricity demand in the US is at best flat going forward. Now the issue is how are you going to meet the growing electricity demand that will come from the energy transition, from electrification, from EVs.”

Energy Digital will bring you more insights from the conference as it continues.


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