What's Apple’s Promise on Clean Energy and Water Investment?

Tech giant Apple is working to increase its sustainable output, supporting more than 18GW of clean energy use & billions of gallons in water savings

Despite being one of the largest and most profitable tech companies in the world, Apple is blazing a path toward being 100% carbon neutral in its supply chain and products by 2030.

This commitment, announced five years ago, builds on its longstanding achievement of being carbon neutral across its corporate emissions worldwide — but the company continues to pursue plans to bring its entire carbon footprint to net zero 20 years sooner than IPCC targets.

Apple has announced a series of new targets, the latest steps toward its multi-layered goal to be carbon neutral across its entire value chain by the end of this decade. This involves working throughout the business and with suppliers to support more than 18GW of clean energy use and deliver billions of gallons in water benefits and savings.

The 18GW of clean electricity now powers Apple’s global operations and manufacturing supply chain, three times the amount used in 2020. As well as this, Apple is making new investments in solar power across the US and Europe to provide a clean source of electricity for customers to use to charge and power their Apple devices.

IP The Radian Solar Project in Brown County, Texas, Which Apple has Invested in

On top of making all of its products carbon neutral by 2030 and using 100% renewable energy for its operations before the same deadline, Apple’s work goes further to protect the planet while not compromising on its operations.

From focusing on recycled and renewable materials to clean electricity and low-carbon shipping, the brand is working to bring its net emissions to zero across its entire carbon footprint, all while sharing its progress to encourage its customers to join them in this pursuit.

Apple’s clean energy commitment

  • More than 320 Apple suppliers, or 95% of its direct manufacturing spend, are committed to using clean electricity and becoming carbon neutral across all their Apple-related operations
  • Matching every watt of charging electricity with clean electricity by 2030
  • Investing in the China Clean Energy Fund, resulting in more than 1GW of new wind and solar projects in China
  • Replenishing 100% of the fresh water used in corporate operations in high-stress locations
  • Committed more than US$8m to replenishing fresh water since 2023, expecting to deliver 6.9bn gallons of water benefits in the next 20 years
  • Working with organisations like River Partners and Salt River Project to restore ecosystems and protect forests
  • Pioneering its Prineville data centre, which is the first-ever data centre certified to the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) International Water Stewardship Standard, with another four Apple data centres certified to this standard.
Apple is Helping Portect Forests From Wildfires

“Clean energy and water are foundational to healthy communities and essential building blocks for a responsible business,” Apple’s VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson said.

Lisa Jackson, VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives at Apple

“We’re racing toward our ambitious Apple 2030 climate goal while taking on the long-term work to transform electrical grids and restore watersheds to build a cleaner future for all.”

The importance of green investments to Apple

Apple is Working to Restore the Natural Function of the Flood Plain Where the Sacramento River, Feather River and Butte Creek meet

Apple’s Green Bonds — financial instruments that the company issues to raise funds specifically for environmental projects and initiatives — have facilitated many of the above projects, commitments and successes.

Since 2016, Apple has issued US$4.7bn in Green Bonds, with around US$3.4bn of which allocated to specific projects. These have played a crucial role in funding Apple's efforts to minimise its environmental impact and achieve its sustainability targets.


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