Watershed Workshop at Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero

Hosted on Day 1 of Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero, Watershed’s session was overflowing with ideas that apply to supply chain decarbonisation

Packed to the rafters with Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero attendees, climate software pioneers Watershed led a bustling workshop on supply chain decarbonisation. 

Drawing in a crowd of eager participants, moderators Naina Khandelwal, Climate Advisor at Watershed and Watershed’s Head of Strategic Customer Success Christina Kopka led and moderated the session contributors through discussions delving into the depths of scaling decarbonisation efforts within supply chains.

What is Watershed?

Built on the conviction that companies play a critical role in securing the future of our planet, Watershed provides companies including Walmart, Stripe, Klarna and Spotify the tools to measure, report and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

It continues to pioneer how businesses and individuals have the ability to change the trajectory of climate change and how they can reorganise around the common goal of net zero emissions through innovation. 

Watershed’s workshop at Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero

Watershed Workshop - Attendees

The session began by starting with the basics, stripping conversations back to the meaning of supply chains and what the goal of decarbonising it in its entirety means in terms of meaningful action.

Khandelwal sparked conversations on this, while highlighting the challenges of capturing Scope 3 emissions data despite accurate measurements and action being conducted.

She then outlined three primary areas for setting decarbonisation targets with the underlying clear objective: encouraging suppliers to measure, report, and take action.

These three key areas are:

  • Supplier engagement
  • Intensity reduction
  • Absolute reduction

The above point, Khandelwal explained, is crucial for transitioning from industry averages to supplier-specific benchmarks in decarbonising the supply chain.

Collaborative activity

Christina Kopka, Head of Strategic Customer Success, Watershed

With a room brimming with sustainability and procurement leaders with knowledge to share,  Kopka posed several questions to open up discussions on tactics to approach scope 3 measurement and reductions as well as other varying decarbonisation challenges. 

The questions included:

  • You are tasked with figuring out a plan to help hit the target of reducing supplier emissions by 20%. Where would you start? How would you approach understanding this problem?
  • What other criteria would you use to prioritise which suppliers to engage with for emissions reduction efforts?
  • You've done a fantastic job and all 80 of your suppliers have supplied you with complete emissions data. Well done, promotion for you! Now, how do you effectively utilise the disclosed emissions information to help your suppliers reduce their emissions?
  • What practical challenges do you think companies face when implementing a sustainable supply chain program?

Watershed elsewhere at Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero

Watershed’s Head of Europe, Ellen Moeller McCormack, has extensive experience in sustainability and finance from her tenure at fintech giants such as Visa, Marqeta and Stripe

Now at Watershed, she spearheads the company’s European operations, assisting companies in measuring, reporting and acting on their emissions.

On Day 2 of Sustainability LIVE: Net Zero, Moeller McCormack gave a keynote address which centred on influencing indirect stakeholders to accelerate sustainability initiatives.


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