CES 2011: America's Greenest Technology Show

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Consumers are demanding green technologies this year, so it shouldnt surprise many that for the first time in its history, the largest tech show in t...

Consumers are demanding green technologies this year, so it shouldn’t surprise many that for the first time in its history, the largest tech show in the world, the International CES 2011, has included a smart energy products showcase. Connecting the home in one step is just as important as the green products that get you there, and with both the Sustainable Planet TechZone and Connected Home Appliances TechZone, CES 2011 is making good use of its title of “America’s Greenest Show.” 

This year, in partnership with recycling team Earth911, CES 2011 will feature technological advancements in green building, alternative energy technologies, green business services and solutions, smart grid technologies and more. Everything you’ve come to know and recognize about sustainable initiatives throughout the globe will be here in full force.

The international event hosted in Las Vegas will also feature The Connected Home Appliances TechZone, where 100 manufacturers will get a chance to display their smart devices for the home.

“The Connected Home Appliances TechZone is a natural extension of the CES show floor, with products designed to network and connect, improving the lives of consumers throughout the home,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

“The home is an essential component to an effective smart grid. Smart appliances and consumer electronics will allow consumers to save money on their electric bill and use energy in a more environmentally friendly manner,” said AHAM President Joseph McGuire. “Already a leader in energy efficiency and the smart grid, the appliance industry is paving the way with smart technologies for demand-response capable appliances.”



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