Green Gadget: Pedal Powered Food Processor

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Going green these days doesnt mean you have to live in a tree and eat vegan products at every meal. There are tons of ways to find stylish accessories a...

Going green these days doesn’t mean you have to live in a tree and eat vegan products at every meal. There are tons of ways to find stylish accessories and living requirements with the environment in mind – most pointedly, Christoph Thetard’s new concept designed food processor. The pedal-powered mixer isn’t just the easiest – and most eco-friendly way – to create dips, grind coffee or mix the cookie batter; it’s also one of many designs sure to get your friend’s jaws to drop.

Thetard’s design uses the power of the human leg to propel the energy created from typical, electric power food processers into a flywheel stylishly housed in a wooden case. Thetard claims that this new design will generate 350 watts of power per minute when pedaling at 400rpm.

The uses are endless for this eco-friendly device, with attachments in various sizes and shapes to simulate traditional kitchen utensils and accessories including a coffee grinder, blender and more. While a bit like living in Amish country, this non-electric addition to the kitchen is sure to suspend most conversations.

Still at the embryonic stages of development, this R2B2 (as hailed on his website) would significantly reduce any users carbon footprint and could last for generations. The unique concept is just one of many from the inventor, who has also created a “sustainable alternative to the portable gasoline heater,” a concept chair that heats water and warms the actual furniture through pipes adjacent to each seat. The design won second place at Pinin Farina in 2008 and an Audience Award at the Grunderchamp Competition.



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