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By Sophie Chapman
Hello and welcome to the December issue of Energy Digital In this month’s issue, our lead feature looks at BMW’s ambitions to provide 2...

Hello and welcome to the December issue of Energy Digital

In this month’s issue, our lead feature looks at BMW’s ambitions to provide 25 electric and plug-in hybrid models by 2025. Vice President of Product Management Dirk Arnold, discusses how the company’s BMW i division continues to drive the electric side of the business.

With the 100,000 units mark expected to be hit in December, this year has been record-breaking one for BMW in terms of its electric and plug-in hybrid sales. ChargeNow, a BMW company, has also become the world’s largest vehicle charging network with 70,000 charging stations worldwide.

“Battery technology is developing pretty fast and we are now able to fit bigger batteries to bigger cars and offer longer ranges,” explains Arnold.

“For the time being, range is the currency with electric mobility. Everybody is talking about it. As an automotive society, we have gotten used to ranges of 600 or 700km, even 1,000km with modern diesels. This is normal - personal mobility is endless.”

Our second feature provides key insights into how the UK energy industry is missing out on gaining significant savings up to $5.3bn per year. Unlocking and sharing of data will further drive the energy industry, and support the development of smart cities.

Rounding off the issue, we look at the 10 most electric-car friendly cities in the US based on the number of charging points available per 100,000 people

Our exclusive digital reports also feature interviews with top executives and industry experts at Gladstone Area Water Board, Sarawak Energy Berhad, OCP Ecuador and many more.

Enjoy the issue!

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