C3: where Enterprise AI transforms oil and gas

By William Girling
A leader in the utilisation of Enterprise AI to augment and expedite digital transformation, C3.ai is...

A leader in the utilisation of Enterprise AI to augment and expedite digital transformation, C3.ai is dedicated to modernising the oil and gas sector.

Making use of a comprehensive suite of systems, C3.ai employs operational sources, sensor networks, enterprise systems and more to deliver advanced machine learning models that allow companies to unlock the full potential of their data.

Able to inform every stage of the oil and gas supply chain, from exploration and development to transportation, refining and retail, the company’s innovative technology can increase efficiencies, improve safety and optimise operations. 


Applications for the oil and gas industry

C3 Predictive Maintenance for Asset Health

Capable of analysing high-risk assets and predicting faults well in advance of the event, C3 Predictive Maintenance can significantly increase the safety of operations, give management a holistic view of maintenance and seamlessly integrate with pre-existing systems.


  • Proactively assess real-time asset health

  • Apply next-generation asset failure prediction algorithms

  • Visualize risks across asset portfolios

  • Enable asset-level diagnostics and projections

  • Track, benchmark, and rank performance

  • Use comprehensive closed-loop workflow support

  • Coordinate with alerts and notification functionality

C3 Predictive Maintenance Demo:



C3 Sensor Health

Maintaining the health of IoT sensors that monitor critical systems is imperative. C3 Sensor Health uses AI/machine learning algorithms to predict faults way before they happen with precision and immediacy.


  • Executive dashboard

  • Sensor deployment

  • Sensor device reconciliation

  • Health and sensor exceptions

  • Geospatial intelligence

  • Reporting and ad hoc analyses


C3 Reliability

Able to bestow greater efficiencies and optimisations by constantly monitoring systems, assets and components, C3 Reliability allows companies to streamline their business on the fly. 

C3 Production Optimisation

Allowing oil and gas engineers to adequately visualise, track and optimise operations, C3 Production Optimisation puts the ability to make operational improvement relating to production and sensor issues firmly in the hands of operators. 


Use Cases


AI-powered analytics enable the swift identification of structural weaknesses and allow for corrections, repairs or augmentations to be carried out in good time. C3’s systems integrate seamlessly with ionic modelling and engineering simulations to contain incidents. 

Process Optimisation

Constantly looking for aspects of oil and gas operations that can be streamlined, C3.ai can save a company money, reduce waste, add value and create alerts when components are fatigued or approaching obsolescence.

Network and Flow Monitoring

Combining data from multiple sources and aggregating it, C3.ai makes production-loss analysis easy and provides a faster way for companies to investigate data and events. 

Machine Vision for Safety

Not only able to detect hazards accurately and punctually in near real-time, the system makes use of photo and video analysis software to conduct thorough and safe examinations of potentially dangerous situations.  

Supply Chain Digital recently explored the utilisation of C3.ai's innovative suite for the manufacturing industry. The full article can be found here.

To find out more about C3.ai’s enterprise AI services for the oil and gas industry, head over to the C3.ai website


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