Renewable Energy Solutions at Netsolar Empower Communities

Netsolar is advancing sustainable change with its approach to solar energy solutions, in partnership with Shell. Founder Paolo Concio tells us more

Paolo Concio has always enjoyed shaking things up and finding new ways to make a difference, especially for those who need it most. In this pursuit, he almost became a priest, but instead, he founded Netsolar, a renewable energy company based in the Philippines. 

“We are a company that strives to provide the cleanest and most sustainable energy solutions, particularly in the Philippines,” Paolo says. 

“At Netsolar, we use technology to drive down costs and improve the lives of everyone.”

This advocacy is what drove the partnership with Shell for its gas stations around the Philippines. 

Netsolar's strategic partnership with Shell for renewable energy solutions

Going solar is not just about going green, but also a smart business decision. So when Shell reached out to Netsolar and asked if they could help Shell in their sustainability objectives, Paolo jumped at the opportunity.

“We wanted to install the best major equipment,” explains Paolo.  We chose SolarEdge inverters because of their full safety suite ensuring a safe space for everyone in the area. LONGi panels were chosen for their high efficiency to maximise the output given the limited space. 

Netsolar provided Shell a solution for the lowest cost of solar energy over a 25-year lifetime.

At Shell’s gas stations, the average system size is 30 kilowatts with a total of 755 kW nationwide and each stage saves up to 40% on their electric bills. 

Netsolar is one of three major solar companies that can work on Shell stations nationwide. 

“Combining SolarEdge's DC-optimised inverter technology with LONGi's high-performance solar panels was a no-brainer. This duo promised not just to meet Shell's needs but to exceed them, offering a solution that was efficient, reliable and sustainable,” explains Paolo.

Partnerships with SolarEdge and LONGi Solar

Netsolar partnered with SolarEdge and LONGi Solar to set a benchmark in the solar industry.

“At Netsolar, we align industry leading innovation and sustainable solutions,” says Paolo. 

“Solar Edge stands out because of its advanced safety features - Safe-DC technology and rapid shutdown capability, which are critical. Our solution also offers Power Optimisers, which not only enhances each final output but also allows detailed panel level monitoring.”

SolarEdge’s comprehensive monitoring platform shows information from the different locations, down to the performance of each individual panel is crucial, says Paolo, because it provides great analytics as well as improve O&M efficiency and reduces long-term O&M costs.

LONGi adopted the new Hi-MO X6 to meet the requirements for safety and reliability designed around different application scenarios. The zero-bus-bar design results substantial gains in power generation, even during low light conditions. 

LONGi is one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers in the world with a strong focus on sustainability as well as research and development.  

In essence, choosing SolarEdge and LONGi wasn't just about picking suppliers; it was about forming a partnership that aligned with our vision of powering the future sustainably for the Philippines.


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