AECOM introduces EV smart charging management system

By Dan Weatherley
Global infrastructure firm AECOM, signs memorandum of understanding with EV tech company Zapinamo as part of plans to launch a tech-focused system...

Global infrastructure firm AECOM, signs memorandum of understanding with EV tech company Zapinamo as part of plans to launch a tech-focused system.

The system has been introduced with a goal of managing charging with maximum energy efficiency whilst keeping carbon usage as low as possible as a priority. 

AECOM’s new smart electric vehicle smart charging management system is set to enable greater monitoring amongst owners of electric vehicle fleets and owners of charging infrastructure, regardless of the manufacturer.

The smart monitoring technology will enable companies to help track and meet their carbon reduction targets with the use of renewables. It will also allow the data and monitoring to be implemented into Enterprise Management Systems (EMS).

The management system also allows costs to be controlled much more effectively through the use of co-ordination of chargers and charging cycles across various locations and user groups. This will enable firms and organisations to balance energy cost from varying sources with demand, convenience and emission levels.

Zapinamo’s OCPP2.0 standard compliant charge station management system works together with AECOM’s expertise on energy systems to deliver the system and infrastructure. AECOM with also be responsible for the integration of the solution into clients’ Enterprise Management Systems.

User groups can be varied, including fleet, staff, public, visitors and contractors. This depends on the nature and needs of the given business and/or individual. Payment is made through contactless payment or advanced vehicle recognition.

Sam Mackilligin, Director of Zero Carbon Energy Systems at AECOM, commented on the new system: “We’re going to see a rapid transition to EV and the benefits these bring through the reduction in carbon emissions can’t be compromised by inefficient energy use when vehicles are being charged.” 

He then said: “Organisations and businesses will be increasingly accountable for their emissions and this system enables them to make smart choices around decisions such as where they buy energy from, what power they use and what time they charge. Clients can accurately measure, manage and record carbon consumption, whilst reducing overall energy costs and use.”

Zapinamo’s Chief Executive, Ian Stillie, said: “Energy and transport remain major contributors to air pollution and climate change, but there is positive change underway. With worldwide calls to ‘build back better’ from the pandemic, taking steps to improve infrastructure is imperative so we can apply scalable and efficient green smart energy, grow the EV market and contribute towards the government’s target to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050.”

He then went in further detail: “Our solution employs an integrated energy management system and smart stored energy units, encouraging the use of self-reliant, sustainable solutions. We believe that energy stored systems managed by edge technologies – that is, an energy management system – are the solution to solve the infrastructure equation to promote a zero-tailpipe culture and enable green smart cities, so we can have cleaner air and healthier lives.”


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