Sapphire Technologies’ partnerships enable energy milestone

Support from partners Tallgrass and Evolve Energy result in a milestone met by the startup Sapphire Technologies, developing turboexpanders in the US

A major milestone has been reached by the renowned developer and manufacturer of energy recovery systems for hydrogen and natural gas applications Sapphire Technologies

The company is gearing up to ship its largest-ever quantity of turboexpanders—also referred to as expansion turbines. This achievement represents a significant partnership endeavour with Tallgrass Energy, a leading energy infrastructure company in the United States, and Evolve Energy, a prominent provider of critical infrastructure and data centre services. 

“We are thrilled to be actively working towards bringing edge-computing data centers into the realm of clean energy. This groundbreaking initiative provides mission-critical infrastructure solutions while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future,” says Tye Johnson, CEO at Evolve Energy.

“Our Strategic Partnerships enable possibilities to deploy advanced technology that intelligently adapts to varying temperatures, pressures, and flow rates throughout the natural gas pipeline network.”

With the delivery of four turboexpanders, this marks the beginning of a groundbreaking installation project, which will ultimately encompass a remarkable total of 72 units. The installation will be the largest deployment of turboexpander technology worldwide.

“Our strategic partnerships with Tallgrass, Evolve Energy and CNX Resources are critical as each of the companies plays a major role in the continued adoption of decarbonisation technologies,” says Freddie Sarhan, CEO at Sapphire Technologies.  

“We are excited to see continued growth in our partnerships. By working with major players in the energy industry—we are able to leverage our turboexpander technology to reduce carbon footprint and help move us closer to reaching net zero targets.”

A year of Energy sector growth for Sapphire Technologies

Over the past year, Sapphire Technologies has experienced substantial growth in its customer base. In response to this increased demand, the company has ambitious plans to boost its turboexpander production by more than 400% by the year's end. 

In April, Sapphire Technologies unveiled a significant collaboration with CNX Resources, a leading company specialising in natural gas development, production, midstream operations, and technology. Together, they aim to develop a revolutionary FreeSpin® In-line Turboexpander solution designed for high-pressure service. 

Justin Campbell, VP - Power & Transmission at Tallgrass, says: 

“This is an exciting milestone in our work with Sapphire Technologies. We look forward to installing the turboexpander technology later this year and taking an essential step towards capturing wasted energy and providing firm decarbonised power to customers.”

This innovative system will harness waste energy and convert it into zero-emissions electricity. Each FreeSpin® unit has the capacity to generate an impressive 2.6 GWh of clean energy annually, effectively offsetting 2,000 tonnes of CO2e emissions from the atmosphere.

Sapphire has also seen major growth in employment as its labour intake increased by 220% over the past year of operations, which will help deliver results from the company’s investment in energy recovery systems and supporting the global drive for decarbonisation. 


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