Kerlink and ZENNER create new network for Netze BW

By William Girling
German telecom equipment and IoT specialists Kerlink and

German telecom equipment and IoT specialists Kerlink and ZENNER are teaming up to deliver a new network for utility mainstay Netze BW.

According to reports, Netze, which is the largest distribution network for gas, electricity and water in Baden-Württemberg, southwest Germany, will be receiving the single largest LoRaWAN deployment in the nation, featuring approximately 3,000 gateways. 

LoRaWAN (or low-power wide area network) technology is a system which integrates a large number of small devices with wireless internet connections into a network, which can subsequently be organised in complex layers of interaction.

Digitising utilities 

Kerlink’s thorough experience of setting up LoRaWAN IoT networks includes more than 120,000 installations across 69 countries, whilst ZENNER is a fast-growing innovator in the usage of IoT to drive digitalisation and develop tech strategies. 

The digitisation of electricity, gas and water services will have benefits for utility companies and consumers, as better monitoring of resources and equipment through IoT devices will drive efficiencies and allow the transmission process to be optimised. 


"This major deployment in Baden-Württemberg demonstrates the excellent scalability, flexibility, and robustness of LoRaWAN networks, and the reliability of Kerlink LoRaWAN gateways," said Dr. Gerald Troppenz, Business Development Manager at ZENNER.

"Kerlink's flexible configurations simplified making its carrier-grade hardware compatible with our ELEMENT-IoT platform - a comprehensive middleware for device, network, data, and user management."

Etienne Ghidossi, key account manager at Kerlink, expressed similar excitement over the new project, emphasising the quality technology that the partnership would bring. 

"Leveraging its strong field experience with equipment deployed in demanding environments, Kerlink offers carrier-grade gateways designed for enhanced radio performance, especially in ultra-dense 3G/4G cellular settings, such as urban areas.

"This partnership with ZENNER IoT Solutions is an important expansion of Kerlink's business in Germany and demonstrates once again the best-in-class quality of our products for industrial-grade private IoT networks,” she said.


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