Can a Wind Turbine Ever Be Mobile? Yes, Say Octopus Energy

Debuting at COP28, Infinite Renewables Supplied Five Octopus Energy Mobile Wind Turbines to Showcase How Renewables Energy Systems Can Lead Energy’s Future

A key motive of sustainable and renewable energy moving forward is meeting demand, both when it comes to quantity and its physical location.

And this could not be more true for UK-based Octopus Energy, setting a global example of how renewable power can, literally, be delivered to where it’s needed most.

In partnership with Infinite Renewables, five Bestwatt 45kW wind turbines along with five battery energy storage systems (BESS’) and 3.6KW solar systems were delivered at COP28. These fully movable structures — working thanks to the BESS and solar system being integrated in a trailer for plug-and-play mobile deployment — are built in the Netherlands and Germany, with the mobile base design developed by Infinite.

Mobile wind turbines ‘can lead the future of energy’

Gillian Jones, Head of Operations and Project Delivery at Infinite, said: “Can a wind turbine ever be mobile? We think so! At the request of Octopus Energy we designed and developed an above ground mobile foundation base that allows a 45KW turbine to be erected in a day.”

“To showcase how a renewables energy system can lead the future of energy, we wanted to install wind, solar and battery storage on the global climate stage,” Paul Loran, Director at Octopus Energy Generation, added. “We have some really exciting projects in line with Infinite which will continue to showcase their global network and unrivalled ability as we look ahead into 2024.”

Welsh company Infinite sees these structures further deployed where demand is temporarily high.

“We believe they have potential across the UK for temporary events under permitted development rights,” Jones continued, alluding that there are possibilities of them appearing at the likes of Glastonbury, the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival in the world, to reduce reliance on diesel generators. Octopus delivered this at the festival in 2023.

Octopus Energy's mobile wind turbine at Glastonbury 2023

Octopus mobile wind turbines first of their kind

The movable turbines are the first instance where steel mobile turbine bases have been used to form mobile ballasted foundations for infrastructure of this kind. Weighing more than 120 tonnes, including the concrete ballast, each base is reusable and is applauded for its minimal environmental impact, thanks to the fact they sit atop the ground, not disturbing what’s underneath and making them easy to move.

As well as this, each turbine has the capacity to generate more than 100KW per day, when operating at full output.

Andrew Crossman, Director of Infinite Renewables, said: “The mobile energy centres are a first of its kind installation and feature unique mobile ballasted bases for the wind turbines and trailerised battery storage integrated with solar PV. The mobile energy centres showcase how renewable energy can be deployed quickly — whenever and wherever it is needed.

“The purple and pink turbines created huge interest in Dubai and we are now looking to expand our operation into the Middle East.”


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