Aug 31, 2021

Cruden Signs Clean Energy Agreement with ScottishPower

The construction company, Cruden has committed to clean energy sourcing through an agreement with ScottishPower, which will also provide technical support

As one of Scotland’s largest construction and development companies, the Cruden Group is broadening its portfolio of green energy sources. The company has over 75 years in the industry and while it remains an independent organisation—operating a team of 600 employees across three office locations, it turns over an annual figure of more than £200mn. 

As the company continues to grow, its focus on its people is only growing stronger, as well as its commitment to renewable energy conversion. To enable true green construction practices, Cruden has signed a three-year contract with ScottishPower for the supply of 100% renewable electricity. ScottishPower is working closely with the Cruden Group to kickstart its green energy journey, by supporting the development of clean energy solutions and the implementation of smart technologies. 

Kevin Reid, Chief Executive Officer of the Cruden Group, says, ‘We are pleased to continue our strong and successful 14-year partnership with ScottishPower with this new renewable energy agreement.  We strive to continuously improve the environment through innovation and this new green deal will help us further reduce carbon emissions, exceed carbon reduction targets and positively contribute towards the global climate change agenda’. 

Stuart Angell, New Connections Sales Development Manager at ScottishPower, has also spoken about the company’s efforts to support renewable energy implementation. ‘I’m delighted to extend and enhance our relationship with the Cruden Group and for ScottishPower to be associated with a like-minded company that is striving to deliver excellence in the marketplace and prioritises the customer experience’. 

‘As ScottishPower have looked to deliver market-leading initiatives, the Cruden Group have helped shape this change with their invaluable feedback and creative ideas. As work towards a carbon-neutral future, we will continue to engage with the Cruden Group to understand their challenges and what we can jointly bring to the market to satisfy our goals and customer needs’.

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