Sonnedix partners with Palantir for data transformation

Multi-million-dollar, four-year partnership will support and improve renewable energy producer’s operations and decision-making processes

Sonnedix, the international renewable energy producer, has announced a partnership with Palantir Technologies, a builder of operating systems for modern enterprises, to support the former’s data transformation, in order to capitalise on its renewable infrastructure and streamline its operations for data-driven decision making.

In a statement, Sonnedix said that the multi-million-dollar partnership would be for four years. Palantir Foundry will be utilised to support and improve the company’s processes across various business functions, including finance, operations, and information technology, to help scale as the business continues to grow.

With over 450 operational assets worldwide, Foundry will give operators a comprehensive overview of its energy supply by allowing them to combine external data such as weather and solar patterns with internal data sources like high-scale sensor data and ERP systems into a single point of access for real-time decisions, the statement added.

“Palantir will reshape our business by creating fully integrated tools that allow operators to see all our data in real-time,” said Carlos Guinand, Co-founder, and Executive Chairman of Sonnedix. “Our teams will rely on Foundry to make critical business decisions throughout our operations. The ultimate goal is to see Foundry throughout all facets of the company.”

Maximising Production and Decreasing Time Wasted

The agreement marks Palantir’s first commercial agreement with a pure play renewable energy company. One of the first use cases will centre around the improvement of resources needed to maintain Sonnedix’s huge portfolio of solar plants by using commercial satellite imagery and AI/ML models to identify misaligned solar trackers in need of repair. This will be achieved by using Palantir’s MetaConstellation software. 

This process not only helps decrease the amount of time between identification and resolution of needed repairs, which was previously a manual process, but will also help maximise production across all Sonnedix solar farms, the statement continued.

“Sonnedix is a true pioneer in the renewables industry with an impeccable track record in solar technologies,” said Shyam Sankar, Chief Operating Officer of Palantir. “As the world transitions its energy needs it will be increasingly important for industries to transition to new and renewable energy sources. Our partnership with Sonnedix represents our commitment to supporting renewable energy.”

By creating a centralised operating system for data, complex and data-rich environments such as renewable energy production – where minor changes in weather can affect output and everything from site selection to pricing is based on ever-changing information – software like Foundry can help lead to faster, data-driven decision-making, he concluded.


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