The June edition of Energy Digital is live!

By Sophie Chapman
Welcome to the June issue of Energy Digital magazine. This month...

Welcome to the June issue of Energy Digital magazine.

This month we are focussing on all forms of sustainability, whether that’s ‘going green’ or ensuring a big firm can carry on its legacy.

Dean Laurent, purchasing manager at Arcadia, talks about how the European retail giant has benefitted from more cost-efficient energy to its stores in a deal with energy provider Gazprom.

We’re also looking at digital disruption in the energy industry and some upcoming trends to keep an eye out for in the space.

Turning to transport, we update you on the latest smart vehicles running on hydrogen power as well as Volvo’s first ever electric truck. Could traditional fuel be on the way out in a more sustainable age?

We’ve also taken a look at the top 10 green utility companies to watch as they continue to grow. Want to keep up to date on the latest must-see events in the industry over the coming months? Check out our ‘events’ section to find out all you need to know.

We are also proud to have spoken to oil company Shell about its move from forecasting to demand-driven planning in its supply chain and how this will improve efficiency for the business.

Enjoy this month’s issue of Energy Digital, and if you have any feedback or stories to share, head over to Twitter @EnergyDigital


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