Direct Energy deepens partnership with Innowatts

By Dominic Ellis
US residential customers set for "genuinely personalised services at scale...

Direct Energy is expanding services to its US residential customers via a deepened partnership with Innowatts, the AI-enabled SaaS platform for global energy providers. 

Through the partnership, the Centrica-owned US provider of energy and energy-related services will deliver more customised services for customers, adding value and reducing costs by providing actionable energy insights.

"We’re committed to delighting customers with smart, tailored services that are easy to use and anticipate their changing and unique home needs, and through our expanded partnership with Innowatts we’re able to deliver genuinely personalised services at scale," said Bruce Stewart, President of Direct Energy. 

"Our customers’ energy demand is continuously evolving due to weather and their unique residential environment. But with Innowatts’ powerful smart meter insights and AI analytics, we’re able to help our customers stay ahead of the curve by providing them with creative, reliable, and cost-effective services - and most importantly, peace of mind.”

“Direct Energy is a true leader when it comes to using new technologies to drive customer choice,” says Siddhartha Sachdeva, Innowatts’ CEO. “It’s through partnerships like these that we see the full potential of sophisticated AI and machine learning to drive transformation in the energy space, and give consumers the personalized and proactive services they need.”

Innowatts, a leading energy SaaS platform that utilises best-in-class AI, harnesses insights from more than 40 million meters, delivering real-time, customer-centric energy analytics with unprecedented accuracy. It operates across the Americas, Europe and Asia. 

Last month Innowatts announced it will partner with Iberdrola Texas to deploy its AI-powered platform, and drive adoption of green home energy sourced directly from Texas wind farms.  


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