World’s Most Powerful Indoor Solar Cell Tech Used by Google

Ambient Photonics is Developing a Solar Cell so Strong That it can use any Light Source to Generate Power. The Product is to be Used by Google

Meet the world’s most powerful indoor solar cell technology. 

Pioneered by Ambient Photonics, the currently unnamed product will be the first to feature the company's all-new bifacial solar cells, billed as the world’s most powerful indoor solar cell technology. The cutting-edge solar-powered cell will be used by Google and marks a significant breakthrough in indoor solar energy harvesting, as the product can harness light energy from both sides.

‘A breakthrough for the indoor DSSC solar market’

With its capabilities applauded, the product, an indoor solar panel, is poised to revolutionise the battery-powered commercial and consumer market, and is celebrated as a breakthrough for the indoor Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) solar market.

Bates Marshall, the Co-Founder & CEO of Ambient — pioneers of low-light, indoor solar cell technology — shared the excitement of working with a tech giant to propel and further develop its technology.

“This first-of-its-kind product takes full advantage of our breakthrough low-light, indoor solar cell technology,” he said. 

Ambient’s bifacial solar cell technology allows the cell to produce more energy, which, in turn, boosts cell efficiency and enables more powerful electronics. The fact that the front side delivered 100% of the power Ambient is notorious in the market for, in addition to another 50% on the rear, means the technology has the capability to completely revolutionise the way many traditionally battery-powered products are designed and engineered.

Ambient Photonics

Ambient was founded in 2019 by Marshall and Dr Kethinni Chittibabu to collaborate with industry leaders to help the industry reimagine their applications. Motivated by the question: ‘with endless power, what can we do?’ the start-up joins forces with other organisations with the betterment of the industry and planet in mind, lending PV cell and energy harvesting expertise to its partners’ in-house strategic planning and engineering teams to fast track new product development.

The company doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk. Ambient has attracted support from all over, whether that be through its partnerships with the likes of Google or influential investors like Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund and Tony Fadell’s Future Shape.This belief and backing allows the company to set out what it hoped to do from day one — deliver high-power solar cells and making them financially accessible.

By eliminating battery waste and harvesting energy from normal, everyday light, Ambient’s PV cells also reduce the carbon footprint of an existing battery-powered device by 93% and poses a solution to the ever-growing issue of battery life of consumer products.


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