OffGridBox to win ‘Not Impossible Ignition Award’ from National Grid

By Sophie Chapman
During the Consumer Electronic Show, to be held in Las Vegas on 11 January, OffGridBox is to be awarded one of the ‘Not Impossible Ignition...

During the Consumer Electronic Show, to be held in Las Vegas on 11 January, OffGridBox is to be awarded one of the ‘Not Impossible Ignition Awards’ from National Grid.

OffGridBox is a compact unit, based in Italy, Boston, and Rwanda, that supplies areas that have no access to the grid with renewable energy and treated water.

The Not Impossible Awards are granted to companies and projects that have demonstrated exemplary innovation and technology.

Out of the five recipients receiving the award, OffGridBox is the only business recognised for work within the energy sector.

“OffGridBox is doing impressive work [through their power grid backup and rural electrification projects] around the world to ensure sustainable, reliable electricity,” commented Dean Seavers, US President of National Grid.


“We share similar core values and are proud to support an organization [finding innovative ways] to improve lives and do the right thing.”

The five winners are to receive mentorship and resources from National Grid, with the aim of incubating and accelerating work.

“We are honored to receive this award from Not Impossible and National Grid,” stated Emiliano Cecchini, Founder and CEO of OffGridBox.

“OffGridBox and National Grid have similar missions to deliver access to cleaner energy in an affordable way,” he added.

“At OffGridBox, we are dedicated to finding innovative means of providing basic services like connectivity and clean water to the billions of people who need them and we are thrilled to receive support from likeminded organizations.”


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