Businessfriend Bridges the Gap Between "Social" and "Productivity"

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Click here to view this article in April's issue of Energy Digital In today's digital world, the importance of an online presence is an incre...


Click here to view this article in April's issue of Energy Digital


In today's digital world, the importance of an online presence is an increasingly critical aspect of business strategy, regardless of industry. Brands must be well connected and active in all the right networks, whether it involves attracting potential employees through LinkedIn, monitoring consumer perceptions via Facebook and Twitter, managing communications to different target groups via Google+ or all of the above. And while all of these major social networks serve an individual and important purpose, there's still something missing—a social utility designed to help businesses be more productive.

Introducing Businessfriend, a recently launched social media platform designed by business professionals for business professionals. Members on Businessfriend can create in-depth personal profiles and corporate pages, share and post updates (with the option to post to other social media platforms) and chat or video chat with others currently on Businessfriend—particularly effective in connecting staff and building on the culture within an organization. What's more, Businessfriend actually encourages more efficient workflow through the use of tabs including mail, a document manager for sharing files, a calendar to monitor work-related meetings and tasks, a notes section and contacts tab (DigiDex).

Unlike other social networks, “groups” serve as a useful tool connecting and informing employees on specific topics, while more detailed corporate pages featuring appealing layouts draw in the attention of professional relationships, partners or other interested parties. Contacts stored in the DigiDex can be filtered down to “inner circle” friends (personal friends, coworkers, etc.) and other Businessfriends, allowing users to be selective when posting updates and links to targeted groups.

If used as intended, Businessfriend can significantly increase productivity within almost any organization. Most social networks require daily tracking and significant effort to maintain, whereas Businessfriend can be used for most, if not all, of the user's daily communications within his/her company and outside networking—all while allowing the same “social” functions as other outlets and the ability to interconnect posts to them. It's taking corporate email accounts to the next level and bridging the gap between work performance and active engagement.

That comes as good news to the energy industry, comprised of the most technologically innovative companies in the world, who are failing to fully embrace the power of social networking. An estimated ten percent of energy companies maintain a blog, while only 50 percent have Facebook profiles and 60 percent have “limited profiles” on Twitter, according to DEER digital's findings presented in a 2012 Briefing. Clearly, there's a disconnect. The industry calls for a new platform that it can work out of, that streamlines communications, saving busy companies invaluable time.

Glen White, CEO and Founder of the network, and his team refer to the new concept as “BUSI,” short for Business Utility first with a Social Identity.

“It gives a positive spin on the relatively discouraging word 'busy,” White says. “BUSI is now the epitome of balance, specifically work-life. Meanwhile, culture—one of the most important aspects of any business' success—is fueled by the people and personalities behind the brand who are given more of a presence through this tool.”

Many of today's corporate environments make it difficult to connect or truly build a culture in the same way. Businessfriend not only helps professionals complete tasks and organize contacts (putting a face and profile to each name), but also encourages a sense of community and better communication throughout the organization.

Over the next year, Businessfriend is projected to attract tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of users. But the numbers aren't what's important, White explains.

“It's about productivity—helping professionals connect, organize and work more effectively amongst each other and in their respective industries,” says White. “We believe it will be a truly revolutionary tool for businesses across the US and, eventually, around the globe.”

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