Top 10: Energy Storage Projects

Top 10: Energy Storage Projects
From the UK to the UEA and USA to Australia, Energy Digital Magazine runs through 10 of the most impressive energy storage projects worldwide

Energy storage plays a pivotal role in the energy transition and is key to securing constant renewable energy supply to power systems, regardless of weather conditions. Energy storage technology allows for a flexible grid with enhanced reliability and power quality.

Due to the rising demand for energy storage, propelled further by the need for renewable energy supply at peak times, energy storage facilities and producers have grown tremendously in recent years. Energy Digital runs through 10 of the world’s leading energy storage amenities and delves into their contributions to the energy storage space.

10. Adelaide Airport Virtual Power Plant
Location: Adelaide, Australia

Utilising vast flat expanses of roof and long stretches of unused land, solar panels and energy storage solutions at Adelaide Airport — including the largest rooftop solar system in any Australian airport — forms a virtual power plant, enhancing energy efficiency and grid stability in South Australia. Its 1.17MW 4,500 Trinasmart solar panels system on the roof of a multi-level car park brings Adelaide’s total generation capacity to 1.28MW.

9. Powerpack Installation on Kauai
Location: Hawaii, USA

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Situated on Hawaii’s ‘garden isle’ Kauai, Tesla has installed Powerpacks to store energy generated from solar power during the day for use during the evening, reducing the island state’s reliance on fossil fuels. The project consists of a 52MWh, 272-unit Tesla Powerpack installation with a 18MW solar farm comprising of around 55,000 panels. Islands in the Pacific Ocean are some of the most practical places to install solar panels as there’s no natural gas pipeline or rail line to haul in coal.

8. Stafford Hill Solar + Storage Project
Location: Vermont, USA

Operational for 10 years, Green Mountain Power's Stafford Hill Solar + Storage Project combines solar power with battery storage to create a resilient and reliable power system for the community. The US Department of Energy says the Stafford Hill Solar Farm is the first project to establish a micro-grid powered solely by solar and battery storage. 

It generates solar energy that can be stored and used to power an emergency shelter at Rutland High School and utilises land atop a closed landfill which was unsuitable for other forms of development. Engineered and built by EDF Renewables, the project consists of 7,700 solar panels generating more than 2.51MW of electricity and includes more than 4MWs of battery storage.

7. Leighton Buzzard Battery Storage Park
Location: Bedfordshire, UK

A large lithium-ion battery storage project that contributes to grid stability and supports the integration of renewable energy, Leighton Buzzard Battery Storage Park is a 6,000kW energy storage project wholly owned by UK Power Networks. It was billed as Europe’s largest battery storage project when it became operational at the end of 2014 and was revolutionary thanks to its technology providing a range of benefits to the wider electricity system, including absorbing energy then releasing it to meet demand.

6. Fluence Advancion Energy Storage Systems
Location: Various worldwide

Fluence, a joint venture between Siemens and AES, has deployed energy storage systems globally, providing grid services, renewable integration and backup power. It has 9.4GW of energy storage to its name with more than 225 energy storage projects scattered across the globe, operating in 47 markets. It also operates 24.1GW of AI-optimised renewables and storage, applied in some of the most demanding industrial applications. For example, Fluence’s Gridstack Pro line offers 5 to 6MWh of capacity in a single enclosure, providing a compact energy solution that boosts efficiency.

5. Daxing International Airport Solar and Energy Storage Project
Location: Beijing, China

As part of the new airport’s build, Daxing has an integrated project within it combining solar power generation with energy storage. This ensures a stable and sustainable energy supply for the airport, which opened in 2019. Featuring solar power generation, energy storage and EV charging technology, SSE archives highly-efficient integrated energy at the site, often dubbed as one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

The airport itself, nicknamed the starfish after its iconic pronged shape, opened ahead of the 70th anniversary celebrations of the People’s Republic of China.

4. Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility
Location: California, USA

Expanded by owner Vistra Energy, the world’s largest lithium battery energy storage system (BESS) asset now has an additional 350MW output and 1,400MWh energy capacity, bringing it to a total 750MW/3,000MWh.

“Continued investment in energy storage, like our Moss Landing site, allows us to harness and store a substantial and growing amount of power from intermittent renewables and then deliver that electricity when customers need it most,” Vistra Energy CEO and President Jim Burke said.

3. Gigafactory Nevada
Location: Nevada, USA

Although primarily known as a battery production facility, Tesla's Gigafactory produces Powerpacks and Powerwalls, key components to the energy storage landscape. It is one of the world's highest volume plants for electric motors, energy storage products, vehicle powertrains and batteries, producing billions of cells per year. The facility is a key part of Tesla’s accelerations of the world’s transition to sustainable energy through manufacturing.

The facility was built in phases to ensure that Tesla, as well as Panasonic and other partners, could manufacture quickly and continue to expand quickly thereafter, all while improving construction and operational techniques.

2. Noor Energy 1
Location: Dubai, UAE

Occupying a massive 44km², Noor Energy 1 includes concentrated solar power (CSP) with molten salt storage, allowing for energy production even at night. It generates 100MW of electricity during the day and uses thermal storage to keep sending power to the grid for an additional 15 hours overnight or during cloudy weather. Once the plant is fully operational, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) will be able to turn to Noor Energy 1 to provide up to 700MW of renewable electricity all night long. 

“What we’re doing here is a real demonstration of action we can take…this is for future generations,” said Enrique Valades Nieto, Deputy Project Director at Noor Energy 1.

1. Hornsdale Power Reserve
Location: Hornsdale, Australia

Hornsdale Power Reserve is one of the world's largest lithium-ion battery installations, built by Tesla and Neoen. The project — the first 100 MW/129 MWh of which was completed in 2017 — saved South Australian consumers over AU$150 million in its first two years and plays a crucial role in stabilising the region's power grid. Off the back of this success, a 50 MW/64.5 MWh expansion was completed in 2020. It is located within Hornsdale Wind Farm, a 316W renewable electricity project consisting of 99 wind turbines.

The power reserve is so impressive that visitors are able to look over the facility from a lookout platform.


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